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Martial Arts - as Initiatory Path

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
The Martial Arts-Tai Chi

"Reflect upon those presented here, dear reader. Every Pumse has rhythm and its own notes, and the particular sound of the one who accomplishes it."

In the previous article we talked about the practise of Pumse, about the fact that, being in connection with the Four Elements of Nature, taking the sound (mantralization) of each one of them to the centers, this way we will equilibrate ourselves till we will be in harmony with Nature.

We will continue saying that we find in Pumse the phases of Meditation and we also find special moves very similar to the Nordic Runes.

The effects that various sounds produce to the Aura or to the Bioenergetical Field of man have been verified with the Kirlian machine. It has been discovered that certain sounds were increasing the bioenergetical field and others were decreasing it. In this way the mechanical effects of the sound on the atraction and rejection, not only in the physical sphere but also in the ultra-physical, have been demonstrated. The one that allows us to catch a glimpse of the great ampleness of the using of sound as therapeutic agent is exactly this mechanical effect produced through the practise of Pumse. The latter, in addition to all the benefits derived from the practise of Pumse, advises us to emphasize here the importance of practising them, at least half an hour a day, also turning itself into a precautionary agent for many future illnesses.

The scientists have discovered a few years ago that if one would relax one’s muscular tension, one could remember better what one learned. This is another of the many benefits that are obtained through the practise of Pumse. In addition, lately, the physiologists have discovered that the rhythms of the body, such as the beating of the heart, the brain waves, the breathing etc., tend to syncronize themselves with the music and the practise of Pumse. The human being is vibration; each of its organs vibrates on various notes. Syncronizing the internal vibrations of the human body with the practise of Pumse, there will be harmony produced in its function, part of it depending on the vast amount of oxygen that goes throughout the body through breathing.

Through the practise of Pumse we transmute the Sexual Energy that climbs through two ganglionic channels which, braided, climb around the spinal column, and which the Hindus call Ida and Pingala, bringing us many benefits such as: the activation of the inactive zones of the brain, the increase of the vital energy and the moral force. The Endocrine glands activate for which many hormones pass into the blood regenerating all the organs. Not degenerating the sexual glands, the others will not degenerate either, reason why we can keep ourselves young longer; we can balance our Nervous System and we can restore the neurons of the brain; we can eliminate the traumas and the psychological defects etc., and so we could continue to comment the benefits of such practises.

The past masters have conceived the formal exercises which constitute the basis of the Art, to prepare the student in the battle with oneself, against one’s own psychological defects.

One of Hermes Trismegistus’ principles says: "What is above is like that which is bellow, what is bellow is like that which is above". UThe last Pumse (Ilio), whose ideogram is the Swastika, which is the moving cross, i.e. the sex in full activity, sexual transmutation in action, manifests the unification of the heart (Spirit) with the body (Matter) by a profound faith and trust which removes all the desires of the world, taking us to the anihilation of the Psychological Defects. Ilio is the last ideal that aspires to the final unification.

Like the Nordic Runes, Pumse are hieratic symbols of divine secret teachings; the special moves, the pranayamas and the mudras noticed in this practise, are forms which every disciple must imitate with the physical body in certain positions, to awake and develop Inner Powers that helps and gives us confidence in ourselves, climbing the Path of Perfection.

Plato said: "If a man needs a gymnastics to maintain his body in good condition, and the Soul needs it, than this gymnastics is the music".


Reflect upon those presented here, dear reader. Every Pumse has rhythm and its own notes and the particular sound of the one who accomplishes it. If we say that music is rhythm and sound we can assert that Pumse are music, "The Gymnastics of the Soul".

To understand the true goal of the Martial Arts is essential to take into account the knowledges of other scientific and esoteric disciplines. And if we truly want to rise to the rank of “Man” and then to “Super-Man”, we need, inevitably, to stay on the path of the Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness: Death (Psychological Transformation), Birth (Spiritual) and Sacrifice for Humanity (the love and charity well understood), that will take us on the Path of the Heart.

(I dedicate these lines to the V. M. Samael Aun Weor,
ppioneer of the Gnostic Anthropology, to whom I owe,
thanks to his works, everything I understood.)

José L. Mayor/ Las Palmas

Marial Arts
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Is this the same as Poomse or Patterns in Taekwondo?
December 09, 2013

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