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MONEY - Physical Necessity and Dependence

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Written by Editor VOPUS   

Money, today took an exaggerated and disproportionate value because, psychologically, we depend on it for our wellfare and elation.

The human being is to poor within, has lost the values of the soul and therefore is looking to compensate this inner poorness with an outer wealthiness and then it needs money and material goods for the personal sensations and satisfactions. That is why money and material things have received an exaggerated importance and the human being is willing to steal, lie and exploit in every moment.

MONEY - Values of the soul?

Money fuels our vanity, pride, self esteem, gives us social prestige, gives us the means to attain power. Lately it is said that money does not bring happiness but sustains it. Nevertheless, the experiences and actions of rich people shows, however, that money does not sustain the so-called happiness. Thus, the marital harmony and spiritual balance are poor, resorting to extreme sports to boost adrenaline, putting their and other people’s life in danger and quoting Dr. Samael Aun Weor, the father of gnostic anthropology, „adultery is more common than washing hands”.

BMoney itself has no value. It receives the value that we are giving to it. OEvery man has three elementary necessities i.e. food, shelter and clothing, which must be satisfied, and for this money is required. But when we depend on money to have prestige, social position, success, career, then money gets an exaggerated and disproportionate value and importance, and hence the battle for possessing it.

From an energetic point of view, money is neutral, but it is positively or negatively charged according to its origin and use: whether it is won through onest work or whether it is obtained by every means (“dirty money”) in order to gain power, prestige, social position, etc.

We need money, this is for sure, but it is necessary for us to profoundly understand our relationship with it. Not even the ascetic nor the greedy miser have ever understood what is our correct relationship with money. When we profoundly understand that money must circulate (they are not made to lie in some bank account), when we understand that the goal of money is that of offering us the three essential physical needs – right and healthy food, a decent home or a confortable apartment and clothing within the limits of common sense – then we impose it an intelligent limit and will never have that exaggerated importance that they have when they are a psychological necessity.

We must tell the difference between physical immediate necessity and psychological addictiveness to money and material things.

THE MONEY-common interest or egotistical interest?
Psychology - Money
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