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The den of desire is in the mind
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BARBELO Magazine No. 4: Anthropological Mysteries

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
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BARBELO, The Gnostic Science for the III Millennium

N. 4: Anthropological Mysteries

Contents OF BARBELO 4

  • Egyptian Kuklos Anankes
  • Life, a preparation for death
  • The Agriculture of the Gods
  • The Cross, a universal symbol
  • Egypt and the secret of music
  • The incas, the largest empire of America
  • Can technology make us stupid?
  • Alchemical Reflections
  • Pleaseure, precaution, productivity of Saint Francis of Assisi

Dear friends, 

Throughout the ages of ancient cultures great knowledge about life and death has been passed on to us, mysteries that give a transcendental meaning to our existence. 

Today we have distracted ourselves, we have misplaced our attention on fleeting things, towards the fantasies of life forgetting who we are and what we need to be happy.


Barbelo No. 4, between the august thundering of thinking, opens the doors of time and makes us penetrate the wisdom of the past, inviting us to revalue our actual life.


BARBELO, The Gnostic Science for the III Millennium.

No. 4: Anthropological Mysteries

We hope it will be to your liking



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