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Alchemy - Maithuna

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It is necessary to be born of water and the spirit in order to be able to enter the Kingdom of Esotericism, the Magis Regnum.

Sexual Alchemy: Maithuna

The Great Hierophant Jesus Christ told Nicodemus, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."

It is necessary to be born of water and the spirit in order to be able to enter the Kingdom of Esotericism, the Magis Regnum. It is urgent to be born again in order to have the full right to enter the Kingdom. It is urgent to become Twice-Born.

This matter of the Second Birth was not understood by Nicodemus and neither has it been understood by all Biblical sects. It is necessary to have studied comparative religion and have the Key of the Arcane A.Z.F. if we truly want to comprehend the words of Jesus to Nicodemus.

The different Biblical sects are fully convinced that they really comprehend what to be born again means and interpret it in the most varied of ways, but certainly, even if they possess much Biblical erudition and document one verse with another, and try to explain one verse with another, or other verses, the reality is that they do not understand it if they do not possess the Secret Key, the Arcane A.Z.F.

Nicodemus was wise, he knew the Holy Scriptures profoundly and yet, he did not understand and said, "How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born?"

Jesus, the Great Kabir then gave Nicodemus a Mayan type of answer, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God."

It is clear that the one who does not have information other than that of the dead letter, the one who does not understand the double significance of the Biblical verses, the one who has never known the Arcane A.Z.F., interprets these words of the Great Kabir in his own way with only the information that he possesses and believes that with his sect’s baptism or something similar, the problem of the Second Birth is already resolved. For the Mayas, the Spirit is Living Fire and they say, “We must unite what is above with what is below, by means of the water and fire.”

Sexual Alchemy: Maithuna

Hindu Brathmins symbolize the second birth sexually. In their Liturgy, a large Golden Cow is constructed and the candidate to the Second Birth has to pass through the hollow body of the Cow three times, by dragging himself, exiting through the vulva and thus remains consecrated as a true Brahinan-Dwipa, or Twice-Born, once of his mother and another of the Cow.

It is in this manner that the Brahmins symbolically explain the Second Birth taught by Jesus to Nicodemus.

We have already said in preceding chapters, that the Cow represents the Divine Mother, but the interesting thing is that the Brahmins call themselves Twice-Born and their second birth is sexual, born of the Cow and exited from within her womb through the vulva.

This matter is very thorny and the Lunar Race mortally hates it; they prefer to kill the Cow and then insult everyone who talks about the Mysteries of Sex and the Arcane A.Z.F.

The Brabmins are not Twice-Born, but symbolically they are.

The interesting thing is to reach the Second Birth and the problem is one hundred percent sexual.

Whoever wants to enter that land of the Fourth Dimension, in those Jinas valleys, mountains and temples, in that Kingdom of the Twice-Born, must work with the Rough Stone, chisel it, give it shape.

We respectfully need to lift that marvelous Stone which separates us from the Land of the One Thousand and One Nights, from the land of marvels where the Twice-Born live happily.

It is impossible to roll the Stone, lift it, if we have first not given it a cubic shape with the chisel and the hammer.

Sexual Alchemy: Maithuna

Peter, the disciple of Jesus Christ, is the Aladdin, the marvelous interpreter, authorized to lift the Stone that closes the Sanctuaiy of the Great Mysteries. Peter’s original name is Patar with its three consonants P.T.R. which are radical.

P. comes to remind us of the Father who is in secrecy, of the Fathers of the Gods, our Fathers or Phitaras.

T. the Tau, the Divine Hermaphrodite, the man and woman sexually united during the act.

R. this letter is vital in the I.N.R.I. (Ignis Natura Renovatur Integram); it is the sacred and terribly divine fire, the Egyptian RA. Peter, Patar, the illuminator, is the Master of Sexual Magic, the generous Master who always awaits us at the entrance of the terrible path.

The religious Cow, the famous Cretan Minotaur, is the first thing that we find in the mystical subterranean tunnel which leads to the Earth of the Twice-Born. The Philosopher’s Stone of the old medieval alchemists is Sex and the Second Birth is sexual.

Chapter VIII of the Laws of Manu says, “A Kingdom inhabited above all by Sudras, full of impious men and deprived of Twice-Born inhabitants, will totally perish rapidly, attacked by hunger and disease.” Without Peter’s Doctrine, the Second Birth is impossible. We Gnostics study the Doctrine of Peter. Infrasexuals, degenerate persons mortally hate the Doctrine of Peter. Many are the sincerely mistaken ones who believe that they can attain self- realization by excluding sex.

Many are those who speak against Sex, those who insult Sex, those who spit their entire defamatory dribble in the Sacred Sanctuary of the third Logos.

Those who hate Sex, those who say that Sex is gross, unworldly, animal, bestial, are the insulters, those who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit.

Whoever pronounces himself against Sexual Magic, whoever spits his infamy in the Sanctuary of the Third Logos, will never be able to attain the Second Birth.

The name of Sexual Magic in Sanskrit is Maithuna. Peter’s Doctrine is the Maithuna and Jesus said,

Thou art Peter (rock), and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

The Key of the Maithuna is the Black Lingam inserted in the Yoni, attributes of the God Shiva, the third logos, the Holy Spirit.

Kundalini opens the 7 chakras

The Maithuna is the exercise that permits us to awaken and develop the Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

Kundalini opens the 7 chakras (Maithuna)

In Maithuna the Sexual Energy transmuted ascends up to the cerebrum. This is how the cerebrum is seminized; this is how the semen becomes cerebrized.

The Maithuna is the exercise that permits us to awaken and develop the Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

When the Kundalini awakens, it ascends along the medullar canal of the spinal column. The Kundalini opens the seven Churches of the Apocalypse of Saint John. The seven Churches are situated on the spinal column and are known as the seven chakras.

The First Church is Ephesus and corresponds to the sexual organs. The sacred serpent coiled three and a half times sleeps within the Church of Ephesus.

The Second Church is Smyrna, located at the level of the prostate and confers upon us the power over the waters.

The Third Churchis Pergamos, located at the level of the navel and confers upon us the power over the fire.

The Fourth Church is Thyatira located at the level of the heart and confers upon us the power over the air and many powers, such as voluntary unfoldment, that of the Jinas, etc.

The Fifth Church is Sardis, located at the level of the creative larynx and confers upon us the power of the Magical Ear, which permits us to listen to the voices of the superior worlds and the music of the spheres.

Gnosis and Gnosticism - Sexual Alchemy: Maithuna

The Sixth Church is Philadelphia and is located at the point between the eyebrows and confers upon us the power to see the Internal Worlds and the creatures that inhabit them. The Seventh Church is Laodicea. This marvelous Church is the thousand petalled Lotus located in the Pineal gland, on the superior part of the cerebrum.

Laodicea confers upon us the powers of Polyvision with which we can study all the mysteries of the Great Day and the Great Night.

(For mor information on this topic, please visit The Seven Churches)

The Sacred Fire of the Kundalini opens the seven Churches in a successive order, as it slowly ascends along the spinal canal.

The Igneous Serpent of our magical powers ascends very slowly according to the merits of the heart.

When they make contact in the Tribeni, near the coccyx at the base of the spinal column, the Solar and lunar Forces of the Sexual Energy have the power of awakening the Sacred Serpent in order for it to ascend along the spinal canal.

The Sacred Fire, ascending along the Spinal Column, has the form of a serpent. The Sacred Fire has seven degrees of power. It is urgent to work with the Seven Degrees of the power of fire.

Sex, in itself, is the Ninth Sphere. The descent to the Ninth Sphere was, in the ancient mysteries, the maximum test of the Supreme Dignity of the Hierophant.

Buddha, Jesus the Great Kabir, Hermes, Zoroaster, Mohammed, Dante, etc., etc., etc. had to go through that maximum test.

Many are the pseudo-esoteric, and pseudo-occultist students who, upon reading occultist or pseudo-occultist literature, would like to immediately enter the land of jinns marvels, into the bliss of continuous Ecstasy, etc.

V.M.Samael Aun Weor - The Hermetic Astrology cap Scorpio

The Mistery of Fire

All the esoteric schools mention Five Initiations of Greater Mysteries. Those Initiations are very intimately related with the Magistery of Fire.

The Mistery of Fire (Maithuna)

It is necessary to first descend into the Ninth Sphere; it is only in this manner that we can ascend.

The Magistery of Fire is very long and terrible; if the student commits the mistake of spilling the Cup of Hermes, he loses his preceding work, the igneous serpent of our magical powers descends.

All the esoteric schools mention Five Initiations of Greater Mysteries. Those Initiations are very intimately related with the Magistery of Fire.

The Sacred Fire has the power of fecundating the Sacred Prakriti of the Initiate. We have already said it before and we repeat it again, that the Prakriti is the symbolic five-legged Sacred Cow.

When the Prakriti is made fecund within the Initiate, then the Solar Bodies are gestated within her womb by the deed and grace of the third logos.

The Solar Race, the Twice-Born, have Solar Bodies. Run-of-the-mill people, humanity in general, is a lunar race and only has lunar bodies of a lunar type.

Pseudo-esoterist and pseudo-occultist schools mention the Theosophical Septenary, the Internal Bodies, but they ignore that those vehicles are really protoplasmic, lunar bodies.

Gnosis and Gnosticism - Sexual Alchemy: Maithuna

Within those protoplasmic, lunar bodies of Intellectual Animals are contained the Laws of Evolution and Involution.

The Protoplasmic, Lunar Bodies are certainly the common property of all the beasts of nature.

The Protoplasmic, Lunar Bodies are derived from a remote mineral past and they return to the mineral past because everything returns to its original point of departure. The Protoplasmic, Lunar Bodies evolve up to a certain point which is perfectly defined by nature and then initiate their involutive return to the original point of departure. The Virginal Sparks, the Monadic Waves caused to emerge in the mineral past, the Protoplasmic Bodies with which the Mineral Elementals, the gnomes or pygmies garbed themselves.

The entrance of the Mineral Elementals into the Vegetable Evolution produced a change in the Protoplasmic Bodies.

The entrance of the vegetable elementals into Animal Evolution of the irrational provoked, as is natural, new changes in the Protoplasmic, Lunar Bodies. Protoplasms are always subject to many changes and the entrance of the Animal Elementals into wombs of the Intellectual Animal species, gave these lunar bodies the aspect that they now have.

Nature needs the Intellectual Animal mistakenly called Man, just as he is, in the state in which he now lives. The entire evolution of Protoplasm has the creation of these intellectual machines as the objective. Intellectual machines have the power of picking up the cosmic energies of infinite space to unconsciously transform them and then automatically transmit them to the interior layers of the earth. All of humanity in its entirety is an organ of nature, an indispensable organ for the planetary organism of the earth.

When any cell of said vital organ, in other words, when any subject is too perverse or fully fulfills his time of one hundred and eight lives without having produced fruit, it ceases to be born so as to precipitate its involution in the Infernal Worlds.

If someone wants to escape from that tragic law of Protoplasmic Involution, he should create for himself and through tremendous super-efforts, the Solar bodies.

In all the elements of nature, in every chemical substance, in every fruit, exists its corresponding type of Hydrogen and the Hydrogen of Sex is the Si-12.

The Fire, the Fohat fecundates the Womb of the five-legged Sacred Cow, but it is only with the Sexual Hydrogen Si-12 that the Solar Bodies are formed, are crystallized. Within the seven notes of the musical scale are carried out all the biological and physiological processes whose final result is that marvelous elixir called Semen.

The process is initiated with the note Do from the moment in which the food enters the mouth and continues with the notes Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La, and when the musical Si resounds, the extraordinary elixir called Semen is already prepared.

Knight and Princess (Maithuna)

The Sexual Hydrogen is deposited in the Semen and we can move it on to a second superior octave Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si, through a special shock. This special shock is the sexual restraint of the Maithuna. The second musical octave causes the Sexual Hydrogen Si-12 to crystallize in the extraordinary and marvelous form of the Solar Astral Body.

A second shock of the Maithuna causes the Sexual Hydrogen Si-12 to move on to a third superior octave Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si.

The third musical octave will originate the crystallization of the Sexual Hydrogen Si-12 in the magnificent Solar form of the legitimate Mental Body.

A third shock will move the Sexual hydrogen Si-12 to a fourth musical octave Do Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si.

The fourth musical octave will originate the crystallization of the Sexual Hydrogen in the form of the Body of Conscious Will, or Causal Body.

The one who already possesses the Four Bodies known as the Physical, Astral, Mental and Causal, affords the luxury of incarnating the Being in order to become a True Man, a Solar Man.

Normally, the being is not born, does not die and neither does it reincarnate, but when we already have the Solar Bodies, we can incarnate it, and we move on to really Be.

To the one who knows, the word gives power; no one pronounced it, no one will pronounce it, except he who has it incarnated.

Many Gnostic students will ask themselves why we do not mention the Vital Body and why we only count four bodies, excluding the Vital; the answer to this question is that the Vital Body is merely the superior section of the Physical Body.

In the third Initiation of fire, the Solar Astral Body is born; in the Fourth Initiation of fire, the Solar Mental Body is born; in the Fifth Initiation of Fire, the Causal Body, or Body of Conscious Will is born.

The Five Initiations of Greater Mysteries only have as objective the fabrication of the Solar Bodies.

In Gnosticism and Esotericism, one understands as Second Birth the fabrication of the Solar Bodies and the Incarnation of the Being. The Solar Bodies gestate within the womb of the Prakriti. The being is conceived by the deed and grace of the Third Logos, within the Womb of the Prakriti. She is a Virgin before childbirth, in childbirth and after childbirth. Every Master of the White lodge is the child of an Immaculate Virgin.

Immaculate Virgin- Christ

Whoever attains the Second Birth comes out of the Ninth Sphere (Sex). Whoever achieves the Second Birth remains totally prohibited from having sexual contact again and that prohibition is for all eternity. Whoever attains the Second Birth joins a secret temple, the temple of the Twice- Born. The run-of-the-mifi Intellectual Animal believes that he is a Man, but in reality he is mistaken, because only the Twice-Born are True Men. We knew a Lady-Adept of the White Lodge who fabricated her Solar Bodies in merely ten years of very intense work in the ninth Sphere. That Lady lives with the Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, etc.

By working very intensely in the ninth Sphere without allowing oneself to fall, one can carry out the work of fabricating the Solar Bodies in ten or twenty years more or less.

The Lunar Race mortally hates this science of the Sacred Cow and before accepting it, it prefers to find escape routes and justifications with flashy and hypocritical phrases.

The Bonzos and Dugpas of red cape, the Black Magicians, practice Black Tantrism, they ejaculate the semen during the Maithuna; it is in this manner that they awaken and develop the abominable Kundartiguador Organ. It is urgent to know that the Kundartiguador Organ is the Tempting Serpent of Eden, the sacred Fire projected downwards, Satan’s tail whose root is in the coccyx.

The abominable Kundartiguador Organ fortifies the Lunar Bodies and the Ego.

Those who live postponing the Second Birth for future lives, end up losing the opportunity and once the one hundred and eight lives expire, they enter the Infernal Worlds, where only crying and the gnashing of teeth are heard.

Adam and Eve- Eden (Maithuna)

Diogenes sought a Man with his lantern in all of Athens and did not find him. We must seek the Twice-Born, the True Men with the Lantern of Diogenes; they are very rare to find.

Many pseudo-occultist and pseudo-esoterist students abound who say they want to supposedly attain Self-Realization, but since they are lunar, when they get to know this science of the Ninth Sphere, they become scandalized; they curse us, they launch against us their entire defamatory dribble and if we were in the times of Esdras, they would immolate the Sacred Cow, saying, “His blood be on us, and on our children.”

The road that leads to the abyss is paved with good intentions. It is not only the perverse who enter the abyss; let us remember the parable of the sterile fig tree. The tree that does not put forth fruit is cut and cast into the fire.

Magnificent students of pseudo-occultism and pseudo-esotericism also live in the Infernal Worlds.

V.M.Samael Aun Weor - The Hermetic Astrology cap Scorpio

Ego (Maithuna)
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