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We have to learn to live from moment to moment. Life is an eternal now, an eternal present

The Different I’s

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Written by Samael Aun Weor   
Revolutionary Psychology-The Different I’s

Indeed, the Rational Mammal mistakenly called the human being does not really possess a defined individuality.

Unquestionably, this lack of psychological unity in the humanoid is the cause of so many difficulties and bitterness.

The physical body is a complete unit and works as an organic whole unless it is ill.

However, the internal life of the humanoid is in no way a psychological unit.

The most critical aspect of all of this, in spite of what the diverse pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools might say, is the lack of psychological organization in the intimate depths of each personabsenţa organizării Psihologice în profunzimea însăşi a fiecărui subiect.

Certainly in such conditions, an harmonious work, as a complete unit in the internal life of people, does not exist.

The humanoid, in regards to his internal state, is a psychological multiplicity, a sum of 'I'’s.

The learned ignoramuses of this tenebrous epoch make a cult of the 'I', they deify it, they place it on altars; they name it 'Alter-ego', 'Superior I', 'Divine I', etc...

'Superior I' or the 'Inferior I' are two sections of the same pluralized ego...

Revolutionary Psychology-Alter Ego

The poor intellectual animal mistakenly called man is similar to a house in disorder where instead of one master, there are many servants who always want to command and to do whatever they wish...

The greatest error of cheap Pseudo-esotericism and Pseudo-occultism is to assume that others possess or that one has a 'Permanent and Immutable I', without a beginning and an end...

If those who think this way were to awaken consciousness for at least one instant, they would then clearly see for themselves that the rational humanoid is never the same “one” through a long period of time...

Thus, from a psychological point of view, the intellectual mammal is continuously changing...

To think that a person named Louis is always Louis is like a joke made in very bad taste...

That subject called Louis has other 'I’s', other 'Egos' in himself, who, in different moments, express themselves through his personality. Therefore, even if Louis does not like covetousness, another 'I' within him - let’s call him Peter - likes covetousness, and so on.

Revolutionary Psychology-Self-esteem

No person is the same in a continuous manner. Indeed, one does not have to be a sage in order to fully realize the innumerable changes and contradictions of each individual...

Therefore, to assume that someone possesses a "Permanent and Immutable I” is equivalent to committing an abuse against our fellowmen and against oneself.

Thus, many people, many “I"s, live inside each person. Any awakened or conscious person can, in a direct way, verify this by himself...

Revolutionary Psychology, by Samael Aun Weor

Revolutionary Psychology
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