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Analyse all of the human defects and you will see that they are based on desire
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Tarot - Arcanum No. 21

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
Tarot, Arcanum No. 21, Egyptian Tarot, Transmutation

This Arcanum is the "Fool of the Tarot" or "Transmutation". The kabbalistic addition gives us 2 + 1 = 3. In this Arcanum 21 the Initiate has to fight against the "3" Traitors of Hiram Abiff: the Demon of Desire, the Demon of the Mind and the Demon of Evil Will.

We are never more in danger of being a Demon than when we are closer to being an Angel. Any Initiate that lets himself fall is indeed the Fool of the Tarot. When the Alchemist spills the Glass of Hermes, he becomes, in fact, the Fool of the Tarot. "The Foolishness".

It is necessary to eliminate Desire if we want to avoid the danger of falling. Whosoever wants to annihilate Desire, must discover its causes. The causes of Desire are to be found in Sensations. We live in a world of sensations and we need to understand them. The Five special Types of Sensations are transformed into Desire.

We must not condemn the Sensations, we must not justify them, we need to understand them profoundly. Only by understanding the Sensations do we kill Desire. Only by annihilating Desire can the Mind be liberated, the Mind is normally found bottled up within the bottle of Desire. By liberating the Mind the Awakening of the Consciousness occurs. If we want to put an end to the causes of Desire, we need to live in a State of constant Awareness.

It is urgent to live in a State of Alert Perception, Alert Novelty. The “I” is a big book, a book of many volumes. We can study this Book only by means of the technique of Internal Meditation.

The Dissolution of the Ego is necessary because the Ego is nothing but a sum of tenebrous entities. We have arrived at the conclusion that every human being must dissolve the Ego, burn the seeds of the Ego and then bathe in the river Lethe to finish with the memories of the past; after the confirmation in the Light, one is welcomed in the White Brotherhood, there one signs the papers and then it is warned that one must be careful; from this moment one must tear the Veil of Isis which is in the Sex.

The Arcanum No. 21 can be represented with the inverted Pentagonal Star which represents the Black Magic.

The Arcanum 21 is Failure, Insensateness, the Fool of the Tarot. One is exposed to do foolishness in the work of Self-Realization. One must work with the Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness:

  1. TO DIE.
  2. TO BE BORN.
  4. Transmutation: It indicates that one must transmute. The Brain must control the Sex; when the Brain loses control over the Sex, when the Sex achieves the domination of the Brain, then the Star of Five Points, The Human Being, descends headfirst to the abyss. This is the inverted Pentagram, the symbol of Black Magic.

    In this Arcanum the danger is indicated with precision by the crocodile.

    • Hebrew Letter: „Shin”
    • Transcendental Axiom: „My Soul does not enter into his secret, neither my ship into his harbor.”
    • Timetable: Twelfth Hour of Apollonius: "The Towers of Fire disturb." (This is the triumphant entry of the Master into the limitless happiness of Nirvana, or the renunciation to the happiness of Nirvana for the love of Humanity, where then he becomes a Bodhisattva of Compassion).
    • Forecasting Element: "It promises privation of something that is enjoyed, blurring of reason upon trying to attain what is wanted, ruin in relation to that which one boasts of, danger of isolation, perfidious gifts, deceitful promises, disillusions, the end of some things and the beginning of others".


    • Our single disciples of both sexes can practice the transmutation of their Sexual Energies with the Rune Olin.
      1. While standing in a firm position, the disciple will make various rhythmic inhalations and exhalations.
      2. While air is inhaled, the disciple must unite his imagination and willpower in vibrating harmony to make the Sexual Energy rise up through the two ganglionic cords of the Medulla to the Brain, Midbrow, Neck and Heart, in a successive order.
      3. Afterwards, the disciple exhale the air by firmly imagining that the Sexual Energy is established within his Heart.
      4. While exhaling the disciple will vocalize the mantra "Thorn" in the following way: THOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNN.
      5. While practicing the Rune Olin we must perform various movements of the arms.
      6. The disciple must place the right hand on his waist.
      7. The disciple will extend both hands towards his left side, the left hand slightly higher than the right, stretching the arms and forming an acute angle with the trunk.
      8. Place both hands upon the waist.
    • This is how our single disciples of both sexes can transmute their Sexual Energies.
    • The Sexual Energies can also be transmuted with the Aesthetic Sense, with Love towards Music, towards Sculpture, and with long walks, etc.
    • The single disciple who does not want to have any sexual problems must be absolutely pure in thoughts, words and actions.

    Excerpts from the book “Tarot and Kabbalah” by Samael Aun Weor

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