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A reasoning person is quite a slave to the external senses, and their Souls are disabled, like a ship lost on the waves because of the wind
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Tarot - Arcanum No. 20

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Tarot, Arcanum No. 20, Egyptian Tarot, Resurrection

The Arcanum 20 is the "Resurrection". In order for Resurrection to exist, Death needs to be previously achieved, there is no Resurrection without Death. How beautiful it is to die from moment to moment...! The new comes only with the Death.

We need to die from moment to moment if we truly want to individualize ourselves. The Pluralized “I” excludes all Individuality. There cannot be any Individuality when the multiple entities (“I”-s) exist, these “I”-s fight among themselves and originate various psychological contradictions within us. When Seth (the Ego) dies in an integral form, only the Being remains within us; the Being is that which gives us authentic Individuality. When Seth is disintegrated in a total form, then the Consciousness, the Soul, is liberated, it awakens radically and the Interior Illumination comes.

Indeed, the Resurrection of the Soul is only possible by means of the Cosmic Initiation. The human beings are “dead” and they can only resurrect through the Initiation. Let us remember the words of Jesus, the Great Kabir: "Let the dead bury their dead". (Matthew 8: 22). "God is not the God of the dead, but of the living". (Matthew 22: 23-32).

The hieroglyphic of the Arcanum 20 is the Resurrection of the Dead. It is necessary that we concentrate well on this topic of Resurrection which has many phases, many aspects. First of all, in order for the Resurrection to exist it is necessary for the Death to happen; without Death there is no Resurrection; it is necessary to comprehend that Life comes from Death, “Death is the crown of everyone”. “The Path of Life is formed by the prints of the hooves of the Horse of Death”.

Everything which exists in life is submitted to death, something of Mortality and something of Immortality exists in everything.

Let us now concentrate on the constitution of the Man; in order to be a Man in the most complete sense of the word, it is necessary to have or to possess the Solar Bodies. We have been talking a lot about the Egyptian Sahu, which is the same Wedding Garment from the parable in which one man came to be seated at the table of the Lord without the Wedding Garment; then the Master ordered that he be cast into the darkness. So then, without a Wedding Garment or Solar Bodies we also cannot enter into the Kingdom of the Heavens. It is logical that whosoever does not possess the Solar Bodies is dressed with the Lunar Bodies, which are cold, spectral, diabolic, tenebrous.

A Man dressed with Lunar Bodies is not a Man, is an Intellectual Animal, which is a superior animal; the mistake of the humanity is to believe that they are already Men, but they are not. Let us remember the story of Diogenes and his lantern, he was looking for a Man and he did not find one. Only Kout Humi, the Master Moria, Saint Germain, etc. are Men; what we have abundantly here are Intellectual Animals.

The first body which must be built in the Forge of the Cyclops is the true Astral Body, thus we become immortals in the World of 24 Laws. Afterwards, we need to build the Solar Mental Body ruled by 12 Laws, he who builds this body is immortal in the World of 12 Laws. Afterwards, we must build the Body of Conscious Will, and become immortal in the World of 6 Laws.

He who builds the Solar Bodies needs to pass through various deaths. We need the Solar Adam, the Abel of the Bible, to be born within us. In order to become immortal, the possession of the Solar Bodies is necessary.

The Arcanum No. 20 is the Resurrection of the Dead. Really, the Resurrection of the Soul is possible only through the Cosmic Initiation. Human beings are dead and can only resurrect by means of Initiation.

  • Hebrew Letter: „Resch”
  • Transcendental Axiom: „Flower in the apple tree, fruit in the vineyard sown in maturity.”
  • Timetable: Eleventh Hour of Apollonius: "The Angels, the Cherubims and the Seraphims fly with their whirring wings; there is rejoicing in Heaven, the Earth and the Sun which surge from Adam awaken." (This process belongs to the Great Initiations of Major Mysteries where only the terror of the Law rules).
  • Forecasting Element: "It promises harmonious choices, fortunate initiatives, works, gains. Compensations for the good and the bad. Faithful friends who annul the actions of treacherous friends. Jealousies for the good which one enjoys. Afflictions due to losses".


  • The Potable Gold is the same Fire of Kundalini. The Universal Medicine is within the Potable Gold.
  • We must put an end to all types of human weakness.
  • The Serpents of the Abyss try to steal the Potable Gold from the disciple.
  • The disciple that let himself fall, has to fight a lot in order to recuperate what he has lost.

Excerpts from the book “Tarot and Kabbalah” by Samael Aun Weor

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