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The Self-Observation, the first step to eliminate stress

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Stressed Woman

If we observe the people around us and ourselves we can very easily see that all of us have conflicting states, negative states, pessimisticallly, fearful, hateful, full of covetousness etc.

All of these are created based on stress. We don’t see the stress, we cannot touch it, it is like electricity: we can see and touch the wires, but we cannot see electricity itself. We observe and feel only its effects.

We can assert that stress is a form of energy which sums up all of our inner and outer conflicts.

For instance we have:

  • mental conflicts - gnegative or contradictory thoughts, preoccupations that puts pressure on us;
  • emotional conflicts - fear of the boss, fear before the exams;
  • instinctive conflicts - habits that we are required to change such as the changing of address and of our workplace etc...

All of these affects our body’s proper functioning, giving us stomach aches, indigestions, nauseas, anxieties, migrains etc. Scientists say that over eighty percent of the most frequent diseases come from stress.

The first step to eliminating stress from our lives is to realize its existence, meaning to observe how it manifests. We will begin by proposing ourselves this: its observing. For this we must shift a part of our attention to our inside. We will self-observe our gestures, thoughts, reactions, emotions etc., becoming conscious of our inner psychological state...

As we will persevere in self-observation, we will step by step discover the cause of our inner conflicts. These conflicts come from psychological mistakes, i.e. from attitudes and inner incorrect states to ourselves and to others.

These psychological mistakes, Gnosis calls them psychological defects. Through reflection and meditation we can come to understand them, this way anyone can get to correct them, thus eliminating the source of stress and restoring the inner balance.

Meditating Old man
The Self-Observation
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