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We have to learn to live from moment to moment. Life is an eternal now, an eternal present

The Upright Individual

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
If we truly want to be True Men, Upright Individuals, we must Self-Explore ourselves from the Psychological point of view, to Know ourselves Profoundly in all the domains of thinking.
Self-Explore ourselves

The Fundamental Education in its true sense is the Profound Understanding of oneself. All the Laws of Nature are met within every individual.

Whoever wants to know all the wonders of Nature, must study them within oneself.

The False Education is preocupied only with enriching the intellect and anyone can do this. It is obvious that by having money anyone can afford the luxury of buying books.

We do not pronounce ourselves against the intellectual culture, we pronounce ourselves against the exorbitant desire of mental acumulation.

The False Intellectual Education offers only subtle getaways for running from oneself.

From the Intellectualism without Spirituality results the crooks and these have led humanity to chaos and destruction.

Technology can make us never able to know ourselves in full, unitotal.

Parents send their children to school, to high-school, to the university, to the engineering school etc., in order to learn a technique, to have a profession, to eventually be able to earn a living.

It is obvious that we need to get to know a technique, to have a profession, but this is secondary.

First of all, essential, is to know ourselves, to know who we are?, where do we come from?, where are we heading?, what is the goal of our existence?

In life there are everything, joys, sorrows, love, passion, pleasure, pain, beauty, ugliness etc., and when we know of living it intensely, when we understand it in all the regions of the Mind, we find our place in society, we create our own technique, our particular way of living, of feeling and thinking, but the opposite is false a hundred percent; technology itself can never give birth to the Profound Understanding, to the True Understanding.

The present education have proven itself to be a total failure because it gives an exagerated importance to technology, to profession and it’s obvious that emphasizing technology transforms man into a mechanical automatism and destroys his best possibilities.

To cultivate the capacity and efficiency without the Understanding of Life, without the Knowledge of Oneself, without a Direct Perception of the process of Myself, without a meticulous study of one’s own way of thinking, feeling, desiring and acting, will serve only to the increase of our own cruelty, our own egoism, those psychological factors that cause wars, hunger, poverty, pain.

The exclusive development of technology have produced mechanics, scientists, technicians, atomic physicists, vivisectionists of poor animals, inventors of destructive weapons etc.

All those professionals, all those atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb inventors, all those vivisectionists who torture Nature’s creatures, all those crooks, the only thing they are truly useful for are wars and destruction.

Those crooks know nothing, understand nothing of the entire process of life in all its infinite manifestations.

The general technological progress, the transport systems, the calculating machines, the electric lighting, the elevators in the buildings, the electronic brains of all kind etc., solve thousands of problems that exist in the superficial level of existence, but introduce in the individual and in society a range of broader and deeper problems.

To live exclusively at the surface level without taking into account the various domains and profound regions of the Mind, means in fact to draw on us and on our children poverty, cry and despair.

The Major Necessity, the most urgent problem of every individual, of every person, is the understanding of life in full, unitotal, because only in this way we are able to satisfactorily solve all our particular intimate problems.

The technical knowledge itself can never solve all our psychological problems, all our profound complexes.

If we want to be Real Men, Upright Individuals, we must Self-Explore ourselves from the Psychological point of view, to Know ourselves Profoundly in all the domains of thinking, because technology, without any doubt, becomes a destructive instrument, when we do not truly understand the whole process of existence, since we do not know ourselves in full.

If the Intellectual Animal would really love, if he would know himself, if he would have understood the entire process of life, he would never have committed the crime of splitting the atom.

Our technological progress is fabulous, but it didn’t do anything but increase our aggressive power for destroying each other, and terror, hunger, ignorance and diseases reign everywhere.

Everyone in life is suffering intensely at one’s job, in one’s profession, in one’s routinist way of life and things and occupations turn into instruments of envy, gossip, hatred, bitterness.

The world of medical doctors, the world of artists, of engineers, of lawyers etc., each of these worlds is full of pain, gossip, competition, covetousness etc.

Without the self-understanding, the mere occupation, job or profession, leads us to pain and to the search of getaways. Some seek getaway through alcohol, saloons, taverns, cabarets. Others want to escape with the help of drugs, of morphine, of cocaine, of marijuana, and others through lust and sexual degeneration etc. etc.

When we want to reduce the entire life to technique, to profession, to a system for winning money, more money, the result is boredom, disgust and the search for getaways.

We must become upright individuals, complete and this is possible only by Knowing Each Other and Dissolving the Psychological I.

The Fundamental Education, in the same time in which stimulates the learning of a technique of earning a living, must achieve something of major importance, must help man to experiment, to feel in all its aspects and in all the regions of the Mind, the process of existence.

If someone has something to say, say it. And this to say is very interesting because in this way everyone creates through himself his own style. But learning the styles of others without directly experiencing Life through oneself, in its full form, leads only to superficiality.

Samael Aun Weor - "Fundamental Education"

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