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We have to learn to live from moment to moment. Life is an eternal now, an eternal present
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The Loneliness - physical, psychic and spiritual (2)

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Psychic Loneliness - Man in boat

The Psychic Loneliness

Psychic or Spiritual Loneliness is the one that leaves us hollow on the inside, without any enthusiasm for life.

Like shells where only dates and events of the past nest, we go through the present without appreciating anything, whether physical of transcendental. Our ideas already do not come spontaneously like they did once and those of others sound and resound inside of us, establishing a confusion so big like that of the story of the Tour of Babel, with thousands of tongues and intereses.

For this loneliness we do not need to have a certain age, although at an advanced age a person is more inclined towards it, having a more relaxed physical activity. However, whichever the age would be, to digest this loneliness we must transform the existential gap in aspirations of innovation; life is a continuous movement, a continuous transformation, and we must take on this fact, adapting us with the biggest pleasure and humility to the continuous change that our body suffers biologically and psychologically. Then, as if by magic, new energies will pervade our hardened bodies in order to give us hope and life to everything we do, because the initiative renews us with every try. Or in other words, paraphrasing Leo Tolstoi: "The secret of happiness is not to always do what we like, but to always like what is done".

Spiritual Loneliness

Man on floor

The Spiritual Loneliness is more difficult to determine, because we must first contact the Spirit that dwells in us in order to feel his absence.

We live in the middle of the Material Era, where all our hours are filled with matter or ideas-matter (desires, ambitions etc.) neglecting this part of us that waits, withdrawn inside, a minimum of attention and care. This part is strong, because when we need it, it assists and strenghtens us; it is wise, because when we ask for Wisdom it instructs us; it is loyal despite our inconsistency in searching for it.

For he who knew himself the possessor of a Spiritual Essence, this loneliness is the most terrible and most difficult to overcome of the three, even if we do not ignore that the entire Wisdom is made of loneliness and is full of loneliness.

Tree in background

In the absence of some values so transcendental and free such as Life, Love, Light…, we know then their true size and value, and cry for them, without realizing that these values have their roots set in the everyday and simple things of life, but our selfish attachment to them forbids us to see their transcendental projection, as the one who is in the forest and cannot see its outline.

The lonelinesses, whichever affects us, are necessary in our existence, once they can become Light, Life and Inner Freedom generators, needing to be acumulated and to the extent that we can absorb them without reaching saturation, because once arrived at this point, the most sublime loneliness will be felt as the most sordid and harsh companion, coming to give birth to decay and frustrations and our life will be filled with the activities that enslave us.


Andrés López, Spain

Every work that someone does on oneself in order to obtain an animic and spiritual development, is always related with isolation (very well understood), for under the influence of life, as we always live it, it is not possible to develop anything else but the personality.

Samael Aun Weor

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Mountain Firs (Abies)
The Loneliness
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