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We have to learn to live from moment to moment. Life is an eternal now, an eternal present
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The Loneliness - physical, psychic and spiritual (1)

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The Loneliness
When we feel lonely let’s stop a moment...and remember ourselves...let us look around and see what we haven’t seen by then; people, plants, animals, the life that palpitates.

The Isolation well understood

Gazing in the empty, the loneliness that burdens man from three different points of view expresses, which even if they interrelate with each other, we can see the essential aspects that characterizes them and these are: physical, psychic and spiritual loneliness.

During a person’s life, these types of loneliness appear spontaneously or outwardly depending on the circumstances and own possibilities.

When we refer to physical loneliness, we see ourselves lonely in front of the world. Lonely in our home. Lonely on the street. Lonely at the cinema, at the theatre, in the bar etc. Lonely in our daily activity. Lonely, without other companionship except the inner chatter. This loneliness produces dryness in the throat, for there is no verbal communication with other people.

This loneliness is refused by almost all because it creates an irrational monster inside of us, for it leaves us without the possibility of exchanging ideas, opinions, commentaries, gestures. And no matter how absurd these may be, they are projected bloated and distorted. The capacity of sacrifice decreases and we are left reduced to ourselves, which is in fact nothing else but dissimulated selfishness.

From the cradle to the grave, some people are pursuing loneliness like their own shadow without getting to obtain it and others are pursued by it like it would also be their own shadow, without ever escaping from such a solitary destiny.

Loneliness, like almost all in life, we must know to dose it and live in a balanced manner with the doses that every psychic can absorb without reaching saturation.

In the history of each person we could get to meet through a more or less profound analisys or retrospection the profile of this solitary shadow that went back or forth, or changing its place according to the particular circumstances of the moment and which has been so linked to our destiny.

Physical Loneliness

Physical Loneliness, speaking in general terms, at the beginning of existence is hardly felt, but as the years go by leaving marks in our existence and emptying us of the vitality that is in them, is deposited in gaps of dead hours. As time leaves wrinkles on our skin, so and loneliness leaves marks inside.

Looking lost and tired, tormented by existential problems, elderly people suffer the discharge of the social and family wishes that have been acquired in their younger years and this has caused, at least, a loss of horizons or a disorientation in the fast-moving life that continues to unfold around them. They have remained deprived of their affairs and feel the loneliness, maybe for the first time in many years, like a growing rash in their lives.

Friends, who in fact were nothing else but participants in the circumstances, continue in different directions and, the with the daily living not happening, the usual last-minute comments, strange shadows are produced which alienate each time more those who have shared, for instance, the office, the food, the social struggles, anyway, the daily livings, but not experiences rooted in the Soul.

Physical Loneliness is and has been a constant in the battle with our life, with the goal of maintaining a world of relations full and of not losing the battle which would throw us in the brink of uncertainty, where the two worlds in which we live give their meeting: in one we always are, in the other from time to time. The one from always, the inner one, is the true one; the other, the outer one, is ephemeral.

Undoubtedly, generally, we only recognize the latter and thus we seek closeness, the contact, to hide from the first, which is always in the dark, cold and desolate.

For this, as we know, we try to fill the hours of solitude with the cinema, the T.V., the disco, the bars, the meetings etc. etc.

The hours in which we do not achieve anything seem eternal to us, minutes are extended and practically never end.

This loneliness is what catches and devours us if we are not willing to sacrifice our own lament and self-centeredness, to situate us in a humble and wise attitude in the center of the Emanation of Life who is the Being, who palpitates like an existential generator in the essential depths of each person.

There, loneliness is used to enrich and nurture us from that which the Great Art of Nature has put in every human heart, in order to become “athletes of loneliness”, immersing ourselves in the Inner Silence.

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