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Prophets and Diviners

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Written by Samael Aun Weor   

For the teraphim (mediums, channelers) have spoken vanity, the diviners have seen falsehood and futile dreams and give comfort in vain. Therefore they wander like a flock, they were debased, since there is no one shepherding them.

Verse 2. Chap. 10. ZACHARIAH

Prophets and diviners

We must make a differentiation between diviners and prophets.

Eliphas Levi states the following: ‘Diviner (Adivino in Spanish) comes from the word divinaris, divinus, wich signifies to perform the divinity’. But the abbot Alfonso Luis Constant forgot the letter A that precedes the word divine.

The Grammar says the following: A, preposition that indicates separation, remoteness, distance, Teo, means God, but if we add the prefix A, we form the word ATEO (Atheist), through which we designate the one that doesn’t believe in God. The diviner (Adivino), represents precisely the contrary of the divine, that is to say, the diabolical. Apolitical means a nonpolitical individual.

If we attentively read the BIBLE, we do not find a single word in favor of the diviners.

When king Nebuchadnezzar commanded that the Magi, astrologists, diviners and enchanters be called in order for them to interpret his dream with the statue, there was not one single diviner to have revealed this mystery to the king, only a prophet of God answered in front of the king and said: ‚The mystery that the king hath demanded, neither wise men, nor astrologists, nor Magi, nor diviners can reveal to the king.’ ‚But there is a God in the heavens, who reveals mysteries, and he hath made known to the king Nebuchadnezzar on what is to happen at the end of days.’

Daniel the ProphetThis is textually taken from the second chapter of the Book of Daniel, and it invites to meditation.

Daniel, the prophet of the living God, was the only one who could reveal Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.
The diviners are tenebrous clairvoyants, they are black magicians.
The prophets are clairvoyants of the light, they are white magicians.
The diviners see the images of the abyss, and dream dreams of the abyss, with which they predict events that may fail, because the tenebrous images of the abyss don’t always crystallize in the physical world.
The tenebrous scenes form the abyss are really in the abyss, but they do not always crystallize in the physical world.

The prophets are seers of the light, people of God illuminated by the Holy Spirit, and their predictions are exact because their pineal and pituitary glands are totally illuminated by the sacred fire.

The chelas of the White Fraternity are apprentices, are the disciples of the prophets, and that is why they can serve as messengers of the prophets, and speak the words of the holy Masters to people.

In order to be a prophet it is necessary to have received the Holy Spirit.
However, the disciples of our White Lodge are messengers of the prophets and disciples of the prophets.

Perugino: Holy Spirit

The vain dreams are from the abyss. The dreams of the light are from the light...

There are hierarchies among the prophets…

The illumination is achieved little by little, because ‘nature doesn’t make leaps.’ There are scales and scales, degrees and degrees in everything...

There is the clairvoyant of the clairvoyant, the prophet of the prophet. The clairvoyant of the clairvoyant is the INTIMATE, and the prophet of the prophet is the INTIMATE.

Zachariah-MichelangeloThe luminous visions of our disciples come from the White Hierarchies. However, if our disciples surrender themselves to fornication and choose the black path, they move away from the prophets’ path, and become diviners.

Then their dreams are dreams of the abyss, vain dreams, and their tenebrous predictions will lamentably fail, causing them confusion and shame.

The prophets are the Masters of the Venerable White Lodge.

The diviners are the black magicians, the tenebrous clairvoyants, the prophets of Baal, who eat at Jezebel’s table and teach fornication and how to feed on the things offered onto idols.

Our disciples must follow the path of perfection, they must be pure, so that the very pure crystal of their imagination to be a perfect mirror, in which all the precious images of the Universal Fire should reflect.
All impure thoughts, all hatreds, all envies, jealousies, wickedness, etc., mist up the very pure crystal of clairvoyance, converting our disciples into clairvoyants of the shadows, into diviners.


Igneous Rose, Chap. XXV ‘Diviners and prophets’, Samael Aun Weor

Prophets and diviners
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