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Written by Editor VOPUS   

In a society filled with skepticism, where the sensationalist-type of information is used to generate audience or attract more “clients”, in order to sell something, directly or indirectly, prophecies are back in the headlines of the front page.

2012 Superstition or Reality: Prophecies

Nowadays, subjected to voluminous, fast and always changing information, the human being turns into a simple spectator, manipulated from the outside. The exterior perceptions condition our actions entirely. A clear example is the current situation of the swine flu. We are constantly being frightened, by a variety of sources. The self-evident reaction to this media created fear will be seen this fall, when each and every one of us will be looking for the “preventive” vaccine.

10.000 people die annually in Spain, as a direct or indirect consequence of the normal flu; but that’s already old news.

If we were to be critical, we would ask ourselves: Swine FluIs the vaccine sufficient?, Is this a prophylactic method, or both the vaccine and the swine flu itself are mere business?, What is this flu’s origin: natural or artificial?, Are there any hidden intentions behind the vaccine, as for example to debilitate the human immune system so that the world’s population will eventually decrease, as some say?

We will not enter all these debates, it is not this article’s purpose; what we wanted it to make clearer is that behind every question lies an answer that may surprise us and that may, at the same time, help us understand some of the ancient prophecies that talk about radical changes approaching our precious, overpopulated world..

Clear WatersHave you been, for instance, to Latin America and drunk coconut milk or freshly squeezed fruit juices? Why aren’t these customs exported, but instead Coca Cola is exported (even if it is full of taste-deceiving chemicals that are able to dissolve a piece of meat which is immersed in it), or the modern drinking water that is filled with added chemicals to add flavor? Isn’t the pure water, used for the last millennia, good enough for our taste and desires anymore? What is happening to us?

Behind everything there are desires and ambitions that rule the world, the commercial activities, and they condition our perceptions (with the propaganda) thus conditioning our psyche, our actions and volition. We gave up being free, in the true sense of the word.

It is possible that you will say that this article doesn’t talk about prophecies, but in reality this is exactly what we are saying, that they are coming true in our world, as it had been said that the end has come when man will exploit another man, will lose his freedom and will become a slave of his own passions.

A 43-year old man, of European origin, died recently of a heart-attack in a brothel while having sexual relationships; he was married, with 2 children. His friends tried to keep his wife from finding out where he died and in what conditions. Not a very transcendental matter, but it allows us to once again reflect on our lives. More than 1,5 million Spaniards buy sex daily. Why do we all lead a hidden life?, Why do we deceive others, and ourselves?, What is the purpose of our life? Is psychological deceit our life purpose? Or is it the understanding of our reality and the abandonment of our psychological slavery?

2012 Superstition or Reality - The Tibetans

In their millenary philosophy, the Tibetans talk about the human being as being formed by a psychological multiplicity, meaning that in every moment of the day, those who lead our thoughts, feelings and actions are the various psychological elements and desires that we carry inside ourselves.  

In reality, the good observer doesn’t need prophecies in order to understand that the human being is losing his human and social values. Why is it that nowadays we make life and society revolve more around the economical aspects, than the spiritual and transcendental ones?

There are many and diverse prophecies and we will progressively post them on this VOPUS web page:

•    Mayas prophecies, with the Katum 13 (date which, according to some experts, coincides with the year 2012)
    •    Aztec prophecies, encrypted on the Sun Stone
    •    The prophecies of Melkisedech, the “King of the World”
    •    The prophecies of the maidens (Fatima, Lourdes, ..)
  • 2012: Sun Stone (Prophecies)
  • •    The biblical prophecies
    •    The prophecies of  Saint Malachy
    •    The prophecies of Nostradamus, etc.

    All of them mention that at the end times, or the times of change, there will be human decadence; man will feel strong and full of himself, and will forget about the divine (as it already happens nowadays with our science, our politics…), and at the same time he will be cruel and unmerciful with his fellow men. We see how violence is increasing progressively in all the social sectors; we see that we care about one death from swine flu in a western country, but we are completely INDIFFERENT to the daily deaths among thousands of women and children due to hunger, thirst, cholera or lack of an unaffordable vaccine that costs only a few cents...
When job vacancies exist in our countries, we ask for emigrant manpower to come and work for us; when the work is done and the crisis begins, we want to kick them out and we become racists. Our “firms”, “businessmen” and governments go in other countries to colonize them, exploiting their natural and human resources, because they are cheaper…
The contamination, the extinction of their fundamental basic natural resources or the abuse of the population don’t matter, what matters is this company’s or these people’s immediate financial results! Profits are the only important aspect…The future doesn’t matter at all…and the future is already here! These consequences of this attitude were and remain present: contamination, global warming, desertification, wars, climate change, hunger, poverty, massive emigration, diseases…Of course, ladies and gentlemen, prophecies have began to be rigorously fulfilled. Our “efforts” have made it possible!

On VOPUS, we don’t play politics, however we want to get acquainted with what happens in our world. Gnosis allows us to be analytical observers and be able to understand what and who is responsible for the present worldwide situation. The answer is: the human being, because of his ego, and his lack of love. And as these reasons are extremely difficult to change due to human egoism, mechanicity, lack of consciousness and the entropy in which humanity at large is immersed, now are the times when the prophecies becomes reality.

2012: Superstition or Reality:  Babel Prophecies
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