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Written by Editor VOPUS   

Melchizedek, a name surrounded by mysteries and magical legends. He is worshiped and known in different cultures. In the Bible, he appears several times under the name of the King of Salem, and in the Jewish tradition he is mentioned in different books such as Zohar şi Midrash Rabba . He is known by the oriental people, feared by the Mongols and worshiped by the Buddhist Lamas of those lands.

Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ossendowski, an illustrious traveler, scientist and writer, narrates the following in his already classical travel work ‘Beasts, Men and Gods‘ (1924):

While we were crossing the steppes of Central Asia in a caravan, near Tzagan-Luk, the Mongol guide whispered all of the sudden: ‚Stop, stop!’, and he immediately jumped off the camel on the ground, murmuring the ancient classical Buddhist mantra ‘OM MANI PADME HUM‘. Something incredible happened in that moment. The air was softly vibrating, bringing a song of love and peace that reached directly to the heart. The Earth and the sky seemed to hold their breath. Dr. Ferdinand Ossendowski - writer of the book ‘Beasts, Men and Gods‘Even the animals could sense it: the birds descended from their flight and rested, the camels pricked up their ears, the horses stood still and attentive, the dogs stopped their barking and the yaks laid on the ground. The Mongol porters kneeled and were fervently praying while one could feel that absolute peace: even the wind, so habitual in that parts stopped blowing. There was an extraordinary atmosphere, an unusual silence and peace, especially for the occidentals’.

When the collective ecstasy finished, the Mongols explained to Ossendowski what had happened. They had come close to the Mystery of Mysteries, the underground kingdom of the King of the World, while this one was meditating. As you can probably realize, Ossendowski couldn’t get much information from those people. Those Mongols knew that the Buddhist Lamas were strictly keeping the secret of the King of the World, and were severely punishing those who revealed these things.

But, and here appears another mystery, the confession made by Ossendowski on that occasion is similar to the presentation made by Marqués Saint-Yves d’Alveydre in his book ’Mission de l’Inde’ (1910) and also with the story of a less famous author, Louis Jacolliot, in ‘Les Fils de Dieu’ and ’Le Spiritisme dans le Monde’ .

Melchizedek’s Prophecy - Mongol

The three mentioned writers talk about Agharti or Agharta, name that, in the Tibetan language designates the mysterious underground kingdom where the King of the World lives

Ossendowski says that, while visiting the Narabanchi monastery, in Mongolia, he found a surprising prophecy left by Melchizedek in that place visited by the Genius of the Earth in the year 1890. Here it is:

With every day that goes by, people will forget their souls and will take more care of their bodies. The greatest corruption will reign on Earth. People will be like wild animals, thirsty for their brothers’ blood. The crescent moon will grow dim and its followers will descend into beggary and continuous war. Its conquerors will be wounded by the sun, but will not rise twice; the greatest misfortune will fall upon them and they will be insulted by the other peoples Melchizedek - Prophecy from Tibet. The crowns of kings, great and small, will fall. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight…There will be a terrible war between all the peoples. The oceans will turn red…The Earth and the sea beds will be covered in skeletons, kingdoms will be divided, and entire nations will die…Hunger, diseases, and murders unknown to the law, what the world hadn’t seen before. Then the enemies of God and of the Holy Spirit that are found inside the man will come. The ones that defend the other will also perish. The ones that are forgotten and persecuted will rise and will hold everyone’s attention. There will be fog and storms, the bare mountains will be covered with forests. The earth will shake…Millions of people will change the chains of slavery and humiliation for hunger, diseases and death. Ancient roads will be full of crowds that will wander from one place to another. The greatest and most beautiful cities will perish in fire…one, two, three…Father will rise against son, brother against father, mother against daughter. The vice, the murder, the destruction of bodies and souls, will rule without limits…Families will split…From ten thousand people, only one will survive… one that is mad, nude, hungry and without strength, one that will not know how to build a house, or how to get food…He will howl like a mad wolf, he will devour corpses, he will bite his own flesh and, enraged, he will defy God. The Earth will depopulate. God will abandon it. Upon the Earth only the fruit of night and death will be scattered. Then, a people now unknown, will appear and with a strong hand, will tear out the weeds of madness and vice and will lead the ones that remained faithful to the spirit of man in the fight against evil. They will found a new life on the Earth purified by the death of the nations. In the fiftieth year there will only be three new kingdoms that will live happily for seventy-one years. After that eighteen years of wars and calamities will come… Then the peoples of Agharti will come out of their underground caverns and will appear on the surface of the Earth.

In the last paragraph, after an attentive reading, Oscar Uzcategui discovered that Melchizedek gave some very specific data for his prophecy. Let’s see:


The prophecy was written by the Master of Light in the year 1890. So, when Melchizedek talks about ‘in the fiftieth year there will only be three new kingdoms’, he talks about the year 1940, that is to say, the Second World War (1890+50=1940).

There appeared then three new big kingdoms: Europe, Russia and the United States of America. Then he says that ‘they will live happily for seventy-one years’. Meaning: 71 added to 1940 results 2011. And in this prophetic year ‘eighteen years of wars and calamities will come’.

Thus he tells us that we are at the gates of a worldwide conflict that will have horrible consequences, unseen before, and that will last for 18 years: from 2011 until 2029.

After that there will be a denial and a new cycle will begin, but not before an involution and destruction take place, as many prophecies and religions in the world say.

Prophecy of Melchizedek
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Morgan Gray said:

Wow. Powerful stuff.
March 04, 2013

Marshall said:

Powerful prophecy and much more detailed and to the point, well laid out chronology and events. I can't bring myself to believe that anyone in this age, young and old, doesn't sense the energy building up towards a profound event that will make some and break others. "Words" are the power, Divine Providence gifted to man, the power of a single word has forged kingdoms and caused every war. These words you've shared, is part of the countless prophecies, and while we look on in disbelief as the rage in the world continues. All is on the verge of collapse, from every nation to the garden of the earth. When all is over, and the virus we have become is extinguished..... who, in truth, can say they played no part.... who can say they didn't feel the air as it's changing? This is the fourth civilization to inhabit this planet, and we proved to be no better than those who came before. They will ponder the meaning of our stone monuments as we do those who came before us. Perhaps those who follow will not let the veil close on their eyes, as they marvel the artifacts we leave behind, and they will see our cup was overfull, yet we plundered the earth just so one man can say he had more than the other. The initiated, we who came and went between heaven and earth over many lifetimes to strengthen our cause and live in the limitations of a less subtle form... We shall look upon these who follow in the fifth world, as those did who came before us, whispering inspiration into their heart and beckoning them to heed our call, that "want" is nothing but distraction from the truth.
March 05, 2013

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