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Knowledge and understanding are different. The former is of the mind and the latter of the heart
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Experiencing Eternal Archetypes

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
Saint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy - Caravaggio
"Concept" and "word" are the same substance. The "Concept" is internal and "word" is external. This process is alike at all levels of Consciousness and in all dimensions of space. Ideas are only abstract concepts. Ideas are spiritual concepts. All the existing things in the physical world are copies of these archetypes.

During what is called Shamadi in the Orient, initiated may visit, in astral or superastral journeys, the world of spiritual archetypes.

The mystical content of transcedental sensations and emotions cannot be expressed in common language. Words can only suggest, to signal. Indeed, only the Royal Art of Nature can define these superlative and transcedental emotions. In all serpentine (tantric) civilizations the Royal Art was known. The pyramids from Egypt and Mexico, the millenary Sphinx, the old monoliths, the sacred hieroglyphics, gods’ sculptures, etc., are ancient testimonies of the Royal Art that speaks only to hermits’ Counsciousness and hearing.

The Hermit learns this Royal Art during the Mystical Ecstasy.

V.M. Samael Aun Weor

Great Pyramid of Giza

To ecstasy is certainly an indefinable joy that does not include only the sensory and psychological nature but also produces in the human anatomy a hypersensitivity to the beautiful and the sublime, that tat is, to what follows, terribly transcendent or transcendental. Experiencing this mental states that signals us V.M. Samael Aun Weor in the previous lines as being Shamadi, has inside human an instrument of participation and this one is to be called again COUNSCIOUSNESS, without ever to understand, by this term, “intellectual cultivation” but rather “a faculty of the visible and invisible capture” as it was referred to by Kepler and Pauli himself.

It would definitely be boring to dissertate in depth about this cognitive capacity of Consciousness and about variations or phenomena drawn from the named act. Instead we should emphasize here the possibility of each human entity to reach its Consciousness development to its maximum quota; no doubt, this would oblige human to take as main study theme his own life, as today the rational animal, mistakenly called Human, is just a chrysalis inside which should be gestated the authentic Human, free of any kind of complex, psychological heaviness, social obstacles, anxieties, desires and obscure and uncontrolled passions, etc.

Experiencing Eternal Archetypes - Theseus with the Mynothaurus

Therefore, in the name of truth, we must emphasize, despite many psychologists, psychiatrists or contemporary mentalists opinion, the obvious fact that the human psyche suffers from a deep hypnotic state that limits its field of perception not just at physical level but also psychic and spiritual.

And if we want to know the disgusting hidings of this terrible reality there is nothing better than to call the source of an ancient science known in old times as the Philokalia, later named Gnosis, being reduced over the centuries to the word Philosophia and disguising later with the term Psychology. This knowledge, described at times as reserved for an elite of auto-selected was commented in great detail by V.M. Samael Aun Weor himself in the following way:

Because gnostic studies have advanced significantly in recent years no cultured person would fall anymore, as before, in the simplistic error to make Gnostic trends appear from a spiritual exclusive latitude. If it is true that we must take into consideration, in any Gnostic system, its Hellenistic and Oriental elements, including Persia, Mesopotamia, India, Tibetul, Palestine, Egypt, etc, we should never ignore the Gnostic principles included and perceptible cults of Nahuas, Toltecs, Aztecs, Zapotecs, Mayans, Incas, Chibchas, Quechuas, etc. from Indoamerica. So, therefore, is an error to think that Gnosis is a simple metaphysical current introduced inside Cristianity’s breast. On the contrary, Gnosis is an EXISTENTIAL ATTITUDE with its own characteristics, rooted in the most ancient, elevated and refined esoteric aspiration of all peoples whose history, lamentably, is not well known by many modern anthropologists.
Simboluri Universale - Copila Gnosis is a primitive synthetic doctrine, of humanity, its origin being as ancient as the world. The word JINA from which derives the term Gnosis, is nothing more but castilianisation of that Latin word; its true writing derives from Parsi and Arabic, and it is not JINA but DJIN or DJINN and so we see it used by many authors. JANA, GNANA, YANA or GNOSIS is therefore the science of JANO, the Initiatory Science Knowledge and the variations of its name are many, there is one in each language.

The purpose of this “special” knowledge was, as we already asserted in the previous pages, to reveal to the human many truths which are beyond his ordinary senses, since people, as general rule, think they are in relationship only with outside, but Gnosticism teaches us that we are also in relationship with an inner world or a psychological space.

This inner world is much more extended and contains many interesting things and of greater importance than the ones contained in the physical environment that we are always attentive, using only the “windows” of the five senses.

The human deapth emmergency with regard to learn who is he, where he comes from and where he goes to, always constituted a fundamental aspiration of the self. To this ancestral need tries to answer the Gnosis which, as well as the Revealing Knowledge, brings to the light the truths of content latent in ideologic, mystic, phylosophic, scientific and artistic archetypes of all times. Viewed in this way things, it is appropriate to mention some contemporary Gnostic postulates, that say:

Experiencing Eternal Archetypes - The SUN
Phenomenon is that thing that, in a certain way, we can perceive with our physical senses or with mechanical apparatusses. Noumen is what neither senses, nor apparatusses reach to perceive in a phenomenon. Essence is this part of a phenomenon which we cannot perceive. To reach to the Essence of a phenomenon must be the purspose of Knowledge. There are various theories that claim to explain the problem of knowledge but what is fundamental is that each human being, as a cognoscent subject, to reach the Truth, meaning to reach to know what is the phenomenon itself, not only as an appearance, but as an essence as well.

Gnosis signals, in this respect, that as long as the Conscience remains closed in I, I myself, my own concepts, my theories, etc., it proves to be impossible knowing the real substance of supernatural phenomena. Opening to the new is the difficult easiness of the wise. Unfortunately people want to see and discover in each natural or extrasensory phenomenontheir own prejudices, misconceptions, opinions and theories; nobody knows to be responsive, nobody knows how to see the new with clear and spontaneous mind.

It would be the most appropriate that phenomena talk to the wise but wise of these days can’t see phenomena they only want to see in these the confirmation of all their preconceptions. When we see in Nature’s phenomena exclusively, for instance, our own concepts, we can’t see phenomena but concepts. In other words: when we try to put concepts whil eobserving this or that phenomenon, in fact we do not perceive the phenomenon reality anymore and we see in it only the reflection of our theories, our rancid concepts that have nothing to do at all with the observed fact. To distinguish, therefore, between CONCEPT and REALITY! Something is the concept and something else, very different, the reality of life, free in its motion.
Experiencing Eternal Archetypes - Nature
Experiencing Eternal Archetypes
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