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Perception of Eternal Archetypes

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
Universal Symbols - Perception of Eternal Archetypes That faculty which distinguishes and recognizes the loftiness of proportions in which is transmitted to us through the senses and in other things that are placed outside themselves, must be credited to the soul. Is very similar to the faculty that gives the senses size over the formal schemes or even more profound, and consequently adjacent, to the pure vital energy of the soul, that does not think in a discursive manner, that is to say through drawing conclusions, the way philosophers do, and it doesn’t use any other special method, and which, therefore, is not specific only to the human being, but it is also found within the nature of the wild animals and of the beasts of the fields.

Then we could ask ourselves how does this faculty of the soul manage, which does not imply a conceptual thinking and it cannot, therefore, achieve an adequate knowledge to the harmonical relations, to be able to recognize what exists in the outside world.

Because we know that recognizing means to compare the sensitive perception of the exterior with the original inner images and to judge according to them. Proclus expressed this subject with great finesse, comparing it with the waking from a dream.
Because just as we could distinguish the things from the outside world before, in the dream, so the mathematical relations evoke within us, discreetly, those inteligent ARCHETYPESthat could already be found within us before, so that now can truly and vividly shine in the soul, there where before were much of the time hidden.

But how did they arrive within us? My answer would be that all the PURE IDEAS or the ARCHETYPAL HARMONICAL MODELS, such as the ones we are speaking about, are present inherently in all those who have the capacity of understanding them.

Universal Symbols - RoseThese are not, in a first instance, received in the mind through a conceptual process, but they are rather the result of a type of instinctive intuition, purely quantitative, and exists within those individuals from birth, just as within a plant is engrained by birth, let’s say – by virtue of a formal principal, the number of petals; or in an apple, the number of capsules contained in the seed.
In an essay by Pauli are emphasized very similar ideas with the ones cited by Kepler. Pauli writes:

The Process of understanding of Nature united with the joy which one feels after understanding, once one familiarizes oneself with new information, seems to base oneself on an analogy, on a network of congruences between inner images pre-existent in the human soul and the external objects, and their behavioural way. This concept about natural knowledge has its origin, of course, in the times of Plato, and was totally adopted by Kepler. In fact, this one speaks of pre-existent ideas in the divine mind and implemented in the human soul as an image of God.

Universal Symbols - Understanding NaturalnessThese primordial images, which the soul can perceive through an innate instinct, are called by Kepler ARCHETYPES. They are mostly similar to the images or to the PRIMORDIAL ARCHETYPES introduced in psychology by C. G. Jung, which function as instinctive models of creating ideas. At this level, clear concepts’ place is taken by images with a strong emotional character, that are not thoughts, but pictorial representations which, so to speak, offer themselves to the eyes of the mind. To the extent which these images are the expression of the realities foreseen but yet unknown, can too receive the name of symbolic, according to the definition of symbolic given by Jung. Because they order and conform this world of symbolic images, the ARCHETYPES WORK, in fact, as a bridge between the sensitive perceptions and ideas and forms, therefore, an indispensible requisite for the appearance of a scientific theory.

Universal Symbols - Ouroboros-Maier
Universal Symbols

Universal Symbols: Perception of Eternal Archetypes

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