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The Truth

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
The Truth – Who am I?

Since our childhood and youth the Via Crucis of our miserable existence begins, with many mental deviations, intimate family tragedies, difficulties at home and at school, etc.

Since our childhood and youth it is clear that, with a few exceptions, all these problems don’t get to really affect us profoundly; but when we become adults, questions begin: Who am I? Where do I come from?

Why do I have to suffer? Which is the purpose of the existence? etc. etc...

During our life we all asked these questions. We all wanted to investigate sometimes, to research, to know the reason for so many grieves, troubles, struggles and sufferings but, unfortunately, we always end by being bottled in a theory, opinion, belief, in what the neighbor said, in what a decrepit old man told us, etc.

Lost Innocence

We lost the True Innocence and the Peace of the serene heart and that is why we are not capable to directly experience the Truth in all its cruel reality. We depend on what the others say and it is clear that we are going on the wrong path.

The capitalist society radically condemns the atheists, the ones who don’t believe in God.

The Marxist-Leninist society condemns the ones who believe in God. But in fact, both things are the same thing: a question of opinions, of human caprices, of Mind projections. Neither the faith, nor the atheism or the skepticism, means that the Truth was experienced.

The mind can offer itself the luxury of believing, doubting, thinking, supposing etc., but this doesn’t mean that Truth was experienced.

We can also offer ourselves the luxury of believing or not believing in the Sun, even to doubting it exists, but the King Celestial Body will continue to give its light and to give life to everything that exists, without giving the slightest importance to our opinions.

Behind the blind belief, behind atheism and skepticism are hidden many aspects of the false morality and many wrong conceptions of false respectability, at whose shadow the Ego fortifies.


The capitalist type society and the communist type society have their special way of morality, according to their caprices, their prejudices and their theories. What is moral inside the capitalist coalition is immoral inside the communist coalition and the other way around.

Morality depends on habits, place, and era. What is moral in a country, is immoral in another country and what was moral during an era, is immoral in another one. Morality has no essential value; a profound analysis proves that it is 100% stupid.

Fundamental Education doesn’t teach morality. Fundamental Education teaches the REVOLUTIONARY ETHICS and this is what the new generations need.

Since the frightening night of the centuries, during all eras there were people who estranged themselves from the world in order to search for the Truth.

It is absurd to estrange yourself from the world in order to search for the Truth, because this one is found in the world and inside the man, here and now.

The Unknown

The Truth is the every second unknown and we won’t discover it by separating ourselves from the world or by abandoning people.

It is absurd to be said that the whole Truth is only half the truth, and that the whole Truth is half error.

The Truth is radical: it is, or it isn’t. It can never be half truth or half error.

It is absurd to say that Truth belongs to time and that what was once true now isn’t.

Truth has nothing to do with time. Truth is out of time. The Ego is the time, and consequently, cannot know the Truth.

It is absurd to suppose there are conventional, temporal, relative Truths. People confound concepts and opinions with what Truth means.

Truth has nothing to do with opinions, with the so-called conventional truths, because these ones are only un-transcendental projections of the Mind.

The Truth is the every second unknown and can only be experienced in the absence of the Psychological Ego.

The Truth is not a matter of sophisms, conceptions, opinions. The truth can be known only through Direct Experience.

The Mind can only think, but opinions have nothing to do with the Truth.

The Mind can never conceive the Truth.

The teachers in schools, colleges and universities must experience the Truth and show their disciples the path to follow.

The Truth is a matter of Direct Experience, not a matter of theories, opinions or concepti.

We can and we must study, but it is urgent to experience through ourselves, in a direct manner, what is true in every theory, concept, opinion, etc., etc., etc.

Interior Meditation

We must study, analyze, investigate, but we also must, with a pressing emergency, experience the Truth incorporated in what we study.

It is impossible to experience the Truth while our Mind is restless, convulsive, tormented by opposite opinions.

Experiencing the Truth is only possible when the Mind is serene, when the Mind is quiet.

The teachers in schools, colleges and universities, must show their students the path to Profound Interior Meditation.

The path to Profound Interior Meditation leads us to tranquility and to the silence of the Mind.

When the Mind is calm, emptied of thoughts, desires, opinions, etc., when the Mind is silent, the Truth comes to us.

Fundamental Education, Chapter 18 - The Truth
Samael Aun Weor

The Truth
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