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When we reach a point where we are totally harmless, when we are no longer capable of doing harm to anyone, then our Karma can be forgiven

The VOPUS Symbol

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Written by Editor VOPUS   

VOPUS gathers the pristine essence of all Gnosis; that is why its logo has that mystical and esoteric character appropriate for hermetic studies. In it we see the woman-serpent, holding fire in her hand. The hermetic gnostic tradition affirms that the woman serpent is the Devi-Kundalini, Stella Maris, the divine inner Mother... She carries the fire that illuminates us, the fire which transforms darkness into light and which brings us life...

The motto says: inheritance of light. And Gnosis is the inheritance left us by the luminous intelligences which there have been in the world for the good of all souls who seek to return to that great Light. The VOPUS symbol

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