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The Authentic Christmas’ Symbolism

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
The Authentic Christmas’ Symbolism

It is clear that this is a marvellous event on which is urgent to meditate deeply.

Each year makes the Sun an elliptical travel that begins on December 25th. Then it returns again to the South Pole, to the Antarctic lands. So, we must reflect about the deep meaning of these movements.

At the present time, the cold weather is beginning here in the North because the Sun is moving down to the austral regions, and on December 24th, the Sun will have reached the maximum distance in its travel to the South. If the Sun did not move up to the North, from December 25th, we would die of cold, the whole earth would become a big block of ice and any creature would die really, all what is alive would die. So it is worth reflecting about the Christmas event…

The CHRIST-SUN has to move up in order to give us its life, and in the equinox of spring He crucifies himself on the earth; then the grape and the wheat ripen. And it is precisely in the spring when the Lord must go through his life, passion, death… and finally He resuscitates (EASTER is in SPRING)...

The physical Sun is nothing more than the symbol of the SPIRITUAL SUN, the Christ-Sun. When the ancient people adored the Sun, when they worshiped him, they did not refer precisely to the physical Sun. No, they worshiped the spiritual Sun, THE MIDNIGHT SUN, the Christ-Sun.

It is necessary to learn to understand the symbolic movements of the Midnight Sun. He is who always leads the Initiate, He is who orientates us, who points out what we have to do and not to do.

There is no doubt that all the ancient religions celebrated Christmas… Like the physical Sun moves up to the North in order to give life to the whole creation, in the same way also the Midnight Sun, the Sun of the Spirit, the Christ-Sun, gives us life if we learn to fulfil his commandments.

The Holy Scriptures talk about the “Solar Event” –and we must understand its meaning. Each year, all the COSMIC DRAMA OF THE CHRIST-SUN is lived in the Macrocosm  –each year I repeat. Take into account that each year the Christ-Sun has to crucify himself in the world, has to live his drama of life, passion and death, and then, He resurrects in all what is, has been and will be, that is to say,  in the whole creation. In this way, all of us receive the life of the Christ-Sun.

It is also true that each year, the Sun, moving away toward the austral regions, leaves us –here in the North– sad, because it goes to give life to other places. The long nights of winter are hard; in the Christmas time the days are short and the nights are long…

We are reflecting in all of this, and it is also good to understand what the COSMIC DRAMA is exactly. It is necessary that the Christ-Sun also be born inside us –he has to be born inside us.

The Holy Scriptures talk about “BETHLEHEM” and about a “STABLE” in which he was born. The “stable of Bethlehem” is inside us, here and now. Precisely, in that inner stable dwell the animals of desire, all that lustful “I’s” that we carry in our psyche; that is obvious.
“Bethlehem” is an esoteric name. By the time when the Great Kabir Jesus came to the world, the village of Bethlehem did not exist. So all of that is absolutely symbolic. “BEL” is a Chaldean root that means “Tower of Fire”. So, properly talking, “Bethlehem” means “TOWER OF FIRE”... Who could ignore that “Bel” is a Chaldean word related to the “Tower of Bel”, the “Tower of Fire?” So, Bethlehem is completely symbolic.

When the Initiate works with the Sacred  Fire, when the Initiate removes the psychic aggregates from his Intimate nature, when in truth he is doing the Great Work, undoubtedly he will have to undergo the “VENUSTIC INITIATION.” 

Many presume that Christ was just Jesus of Nazareth, and they are wrong. Jesus of Nazareth as a man, or better, JESHUA BEN PANDIRA as a man, received the Venustic Initiation, he incarnated Him –the Christ–, but he is not the only one who has received that initiation.

So we must understand that Christ is not as a person or a subject. Christ is much beyond the personality, the “I” and the individuality; Christ –in the authentic esotericism– is the LOGOS, the SOLAR LOGOS, represented by the Sun. Now we can understand why the Incas worshipped the Sun; the Nahuatls worshipped the Sun as well as the Mayans, Egyptians, etc.
They did not worship the physical Sun, no; but what is hidden behind that physical symbol. Obviously, what they worshipped was the Solar Logos, the Second Logos. That Solar Logos is the MULTIPLE PERFECT UNITY  (“the variety is the unity”)…

Paul clarifies it saying: “We take from his virtue grace by grace”... So there is documentation… If we study Paul of Tarsus carefully, we can see that he rarely refers to the HISTORIC CHRIST. Each time Paul of Tarsus talks about Jesus Christ, he is referring to the INNER JESUS CHRIST, the Intimate Jesus Christ that has to rise from the depth of our Spirit, of our Soul.  

While a man has not incarnated him –the Christ–, it cannot be said that he has eternal life. Only He can take out our Soul from the Hades, only he can, really, give us life, and plenty of life. So, we must be less dogmatic and learn to think in the Inner Christ. That is great!

Samael Aun Weor- Extracted from the conference

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