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People are being fascinated with all the things of life. People forget themselves because they are being fascinated
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Tarot - Arcanum No. 17

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Tarot, Arcanum No. 17, Egyptian Tarot, Hope

In the Waters of Life are the two triangles, the Positive and the Negative. In the middle part is a woman sprinkling the earth with two elixirs (Masculine and Feminine); on her head is a lotus flower indicating her developed Chakras. In the upper part shines the star of Venus with its eight rays, symbolizing that the Initiations of Light come after the Initiations of Fire.

The Hieroglyph of the Arcanum No. 17 is the Radiant Star and Eternal Youth. In this Arcanum a naked woman appears who sprinkles over the earth the Sap of Universal Life, a sap which comes from two vessels, one of gold and the other of silver. If we carefully study the esoteric content of this Arcanum, we discover perfect Alchemy. We need to work with the Gold and with the Silver, with the Sun and with the Moon, in order to incarnate the Star of Eight Points, the Star of Dawn.

Really, the Star of Eight Points is Venus. One who obtains the Venustic Initiation, has the joy of incarnating the Dragon of Wisdom (the Internal Christ). One has to work with Fire and the Water in order to receive the Venustic Initiation. The Star Crucified on the Cross is the Christ of the Abraxas, the Son of Man, the incarnated Verb. Christ is the Star of Dawn. When one receives the Venustic Initiation Christ enters into the Soul.

When we decapitate and dissolve the “I”, the “Myself", then we receive the Venustic Initiation, one who receives it incarnates his Star. The one who incarnates the Christ passes the test and goes far beyond Nirvana, into worlds of super-happiness and joy. Only courageous ones enter onto this Path. If one does not know how to gasp onto his Father with force and onto his Mother with soul, life and heart, one does not reach, one fails. He who wants to attain the Venustic Initiation has to raise the Seven Serpents of Light. The Serpent which belongs to the Physical Body must first be raised to receive the First Venustic Initiation, then the Serpent which belongs to the Vital Body must be raised, corresponding to the Second Venustic Initiation and so on successively.

Christ is the Master of Masters. To believe that Jesus is the only Christ is a mistake people make; Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, Fu-Ji, Krishna, etc. also incarnated the Christ. This Incarnated Christ has to do what He preaches, and this is what He practices, being a God He becomes a human being, He has to fight against His own passions, against Everything; the gold is tested in fire and He always emerges victorious. He Incarnates, He becomes a Human being when necessary. And He does it with the objective of changing the world. He is the Being of our Being, all of us are One within Him; He, He, He, He submerges within the and likewise the Father within Him.

The symbol of Venus shows us that the Circle of the Spirit must be upon the Cross, the Sex, meaning, the Sex must be under the control of the Spirit. When the sign is inverted it represents that the Spirit is dominated by the Sex.

  • Hebrew Letter: „Phe”
  • Transcendental Axiom: „Some people require signs in order to believe, others require wisdom in order to act, but the hopeful heart bears everything within its hopes.”
  • Timetable: Eighth Hour of Apollonius: "The Astral Virtues of the Elements, of the seeds of every genre."
  • Forecasting Element: "It predicts intuition, support, illumination, births, brief afflictions and brief satisfactions, annoyances and reconciliations, privations, abandonments and gains".


  • The highest objective is to attain the Venustic Initiation; this is Arcanum No. 1, the Incarnation of Christ.
  • Christ has no Individuality, Personality, or “I”, He is the True Instructor, the Supreme “Great Master”, the Master of Masters.
  • Christ is the Lamb of God, he washes away the sins of the world, but for this one must work.
  • He is the True Instructor of the world.
  • In Egypt Christ was Osiris, whosoever incarnated Him was another Osirified One, and He had to sacrifice the self for all humanity.
  • We have to know how to be patient.
  • We have to know how to be serene.

Excerpts from the book “Tarot and Kabbalah” by Samael Aun Weor

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Mars said:

I am on this path. Through great sacrifice and suffering as a baby, I have arrived to do my work this final time. Joyous is the day to come.
March 24, 2017

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