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The ten virtuous actions of Tibetan Buddhism

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The ten virtuous actions of Tibetan Buddhism

Virtuous actions consist of abandoning the ten negative actions and, on the other hand, of practicing their opposite.

1. By avoiding killing and harming the others, and by protecting the life of other beings we will gain a long life and a good health.

2. By avoiding stealing and by practicing generosity, by making sacrifices, we will have wealth, no thieves and enemies, and a good physique.

3. By maintaining a pure sexual conduct, we will have a good partner and only a few enemies.

4.By avoiding lying and by talking sincerely and directly, we will be appreciated and respected by everyone.

5. By avoiding slandering and by making peace between the people that hate each other, we will have disciples and respectful employees.

6. By avoiding painful words and by talking calmly, amiably and gently, we will hear nice things.

7. By avoiding talking uselessly and by talking about important things, our words will be listened.

8. By avoiding greed and by cultivating an open and generous mentality, our wishes will come true.

9. By avoiding having bad thoughts and by cultivating love and goodwill, we won’t be afraid and we won’t suffer any harm.

10. By avoiding being involved in wrong beliefs, by cultivating the real point of view and by practicing it, we will have a correct and intelligent vision of reality.

The ten virtuous actions of Tibetan Buddhism
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angelica said:

I like your site.
July 16, 2016

huykim said:


great. I really like the view of Buddhism on the issue of not killing any animal. Or talk lightly and say good words in here/
March 20, 2017

tristan koran said:

good work
April 26, 2017

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