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The Aztec Calendar - The Sun's Stone

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Gnostic Anthropology – The Solar Stone

In the National Museum of Anthropology from Mexico City a solar Aztec calendar is exposed, a bas-relief sculpted on a circular stone with a diameter of 3.7 meters and weighing 25 tones, which was discovered in the area of the referred city.

In the central part of the calendar is the face of the solar god Tonatiuh, which is surrounded by four rectangles. In these rectangles are represented the previous incarnations of the Sun God. In the Mayan cosmogonic system was accredited the idea that four different worlds would have been before the present one.

The previous worlds, along with the incarnations of the Sun god, would have been destroyed by catastrophes from which the human species has almost disappeared from the face of the planet.

In the first rectangle (associated with the Western cardinal point) the head of a jaguar is sculpted, because the first world was destroyed by four jaguars, the jaguar being a representation – in the Mayan concept – of The Creator God Tezcatlipoca. The second rectangle (associated with the North) depicts the serpent with feathers, 'The God of the Four Winds', because the second civilization of the planet was destroyed by cataclysmic hurricanes. The third rectangle (associated with the East) depicts a dragon, 'The God of the Four Lightnings and Thunders' who destroyed the third human civilization. And finally, the fourth rectangle (associated with the South) depicts a lizard, 'The God of the Four Waters', because the last civilization was destroyed by a cataclysmic deluge which lasted fifty-two years and from which only a man and a woman have escaped, of course, with the purpose of continuing the evolution of the human species. This alegory is interesting, whose last part reminds of the legendary deluge of Noah, described in the Old Testament and the tragedy of the inhabitants of the continent Atlantis submerged in the waters of the ocean twelve thousand years ago, whose direct descendants, the Mayans appear to be.

The Fifth Sun, represented in the middle of the calendar, is and predicts the end of today’s civilization resulting from some cataclysmic earthquakes, so powerful as they never were before on this planet, and which will come from somewhere in the Western part. It is very strange and also a bad omen the fact that the extremely precise Mayan calendar which starts the counting of the years of the present cycle with the date of 12th of August 3113 B. C., ends at the date of 21st of December 2012 A. D. This period sums 5125 years, duration of thirteen baktuns or of a so-called creating era.

There probably is a similarity somewhere between the myth of the fifth Mayan Sun and the Apocalipse of Saint John in the New Testament which predicts the appearance, at the end of the second milennium, of a 'new sky and a new earth, for the first sky and the first earth had passed away and the sea was no more'. The Mayan Calendar shows 21st of December, 2012 as a date in which the total technological collapse and the end of the present civilization will take place.

Solar Stone
Gnostic Anthropology – The Solar Stone

Gnostic Anthropology – The Solar Stone-2012

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