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Analyse all of the human defects and you will see that they are based on desire


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Written by Editor VOPUS   
Oh, marvelous Wisdom that ye cometh from the Being, fill our heart with love and make your pure light shine in us!
Oh, marvelous Light that ye are occulted in our profundities, make us be what we were in the aurora of the days!
Oh, marvelous Knowledge, ineffable happiness of the spirit, guide our steps till we can revive the wonderful bird of light!
Oh, marvelous and blessed Light, make of us superior beings, not through what we have but through what we give!
Oh, marvelous Light, make our hearts feel the necessity to incarnate Love!
Oh, marvelous lands of the eternal Knowledge, ye who have hidden in the depths of darkness, show yourselves again to send us your eternal and divine wisdom!
Atlantida - The City Submerged in the Atlantic Ocean

Beyond the Columns of Hercules, in the Atlantic Ocean there was an immense continent made up of seven major islands, dedicated to the Divine Wisdom, called OLISIS or ATLANTIS. This vast continent was like a poet’s dream, a divine creation, which many philosophers, among whom Plato, the Initiate, describe it to us as a place of eternal wisdom. On this continent has developed a powerful civilization, where the Suras lived, the gods, the perfect humans, marvelous beings who possessed a wonderful science and a grandiose religion. On these lands there was a real university of sages called The Akaldana Society, where the divine mysteries were studied.

Akaldana Society were part of that chosen people who left Atlantis when they understood that a great catastrophy was approaching and guided by the biblical Noah or Manu Vaivasvata, were installed on the lands of Egypt. There they have established again their famous Akaldana University, closely supervised by the watchful eye of the faithful guardian of the initiatic mysteries: The Sphinx.

This wonderful wisdom allowed all solar people to achieve great works through a superior science and to build, among other wonders, the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids. This Knowledge is the same that Buddha gave to his disciples, as well as the great Kabir, Jesus of Nazareth, Hermes Trismegistus, Quetzalcoatl, Confucius, Krishna, Mohammed etc. Each brought a message from above, which contains the same cosmic principles of completely impersonal and atemporal type.

This wisdom is the same secret science that we find in all the religions and traditions of the West and the East, to the sufis and the dancing dervishes, in Buddhism and Taoism, in the sacred magic of the Norse.

This knowledge which is based on four fundamental pillars: Philosophy, Art, Science and Religion, gives us again the opportunity to return to the eternal wisdom and to develop all the spiritual parts of our Being.

Atlantis-The Atlanteans of Thula
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