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Zodiacal Sign of SCORPIO

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Zodiacal Sign of SCORPIO

SCORPIO 23rd of October – 22nd of November

The natives of Scorpio are of strong will, but should fight against the defect of anger, of hatred and vengeance. The natives of Scorpio are either totally chaste or fornicators altogether. They always pass through bitterness before the age of thirty.

"Zodiacal Course"Samael Aun Weor

The natives of Scorpio can fall into the most frightening fornication or totally regenerate themselves.

In practice we have been able to verify that the natives of Scorpio suffer a lot in the first half of their life and even have a love that causes them great bitterness, but in the second half of their life, everything changes, their luck noticeably improves.

The natives of Scorpio have a certain tendency towards anger and vengeance; they forgive someone with great difficulty.

The women of Scorpio are always in danger of remaining as widows and going through many financial needs during the first part of their life.

The men of Scorpio suffer much misery during the first half of life, but due to experience, they improve the second half of their existence.

The persons of Scorpio are persons with energy; they are ambitious, reserved, frank, energetic.

As friends, the natives of Scorpio are truly friends, sincere, faithful, capable of sacrificing themselves for friendship, but as enemies, they are very fearful, vengeful and dangerous.

"Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology" - SAMAEL AUN WEOR

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Zodiacal Sign of SCORPIO
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Banuso Olugbenga said:

i love this..
February 08, 2013

John Harris said:

Thank you, I'm a scorpio suffering right now. Maybe my luck is just waiting around the corner.
March 11, 2015

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