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Zodiacal Sign of LIBRA

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Zodiacal Sign of LIBRA

LIBRA 23rd of September – 22nd of October

The natives of Libra are very skillful in everything, but suffer much in love, since their love affairs and life are as unstable as the scale.

"Zodiacal Course"Samael Aun Weor

Libra is governed by Venus and Saturn; its metal is copper and its stone is the chrysolite.

In practice we have been able to verify that the natives of Libra usually have, in their majority, a certain imbalance in matters related to conjugal life, to love.

The natives of Libra create many problems for themselves due to their manner of being frank and just.

Libra people of good aspect like things straight and just. People do not understand Libra people well; the latter sometimes appear cruel and merciless. They do not know or want to know about diplomacy; hypocrisy bothers them, sweet words of the perverse easily upset them instead to softening them.

Libra people have the defect of not knowing how to forgive their fellowmen; they want to see the Law and nothing but the Law in everything, often forgetting mercy.

Libra natives like to travel very much and are persons who faithfully fulfill their duties

Libra natives are what they are and nothing but what they are, frank and just. People usually become angry with the natives of Libra; they are interpreted erroneously due to that manner of being and as is natural, ill is spoken of them and they usually fill themselves up with unwarranted enemies.

The Libra person cannot be approached with double plays; that is not tolerated and forgiven by the Libra person.

One has to always be friendly and kind or always severe with Libra people, but never with that sweetness and harshness, because the Libra person never tolerates and never forgives that.

The superior type of Libra always confers total chastity. The inferior type of Libra is very fornicating and adulterous.

The superior type of Libra have a certain spirituality that spiritualists do not understand and erroneously judge.

The negative inferior type of Libra has dazzling and loquacious, versatile people; he likes to always place himself in the limelight, attract the attention of the whole world.

The superior type of Libra wants to always live anonymously and unknown, never feels any attraction for fame, for laurels, for prestige.

The superior type of Libra reveals sensibleness and the sense of foresight and thrift. The inferior type of Libra has much superficiality and covetousness.

In the medium type of Libra, many qualities and defects of the superior and inferior types of Libra usually mix.

Marriage with Pisces people is convenient for the natives of Libra.

Libra natives like to do deeds of charity without expecting a reward or boasting or publishing the service done.

Libra people also feel attraction for good theater, good literature, etc., etc., etc.

"Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology" - SAMAEL AUN WEOR

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Zodiacal Sign of LIBRA
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