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Music and Human Will

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Written by Editor VOPUS   

Even though it seems a simple and unremarkable subject, music is another factor to which we must pay our attention, when inside us there is the will to change our way of thinking, feeling and reacting.

An intense concert

It is very important to know how to choose what music to listen to, because it is known, and facts show it, that music influences human will. For example, we can very easily observe the violence in the behavior and in the language of a person frequently listening to the heavy-metal genre - even the name of this music genre says everything.

We propose a very simple experiment, for each one of us to understand the types of influences of different music genres. We sit comfortably in an armchair; we relax our physical body and mind using profound and slow respiration. We begin with a soft, ambient music, with nature sounds, and we observe the effects this has on us at a physical and psychical level. We will discover the fact that we enter a state of more profound relaxation. Then we will listen to a little Heavy Metal and we will observe how our state of profound relaxation disappears almost suddenly and a state of agitation and stress is created inside us.

Harp Divine Music

Pair of professional dancers

So, even if our physical body doesn’t move because we sat it comfortably and relaxed, at an interior level we observe how our psychic receives the influences of the sounds it listens to and reacts in consequence, creating waves of thoughts, making associations of ideas, images, memories, that later reverberate on the actions of the physical body.

So, for a person who wants to change her wrong internal states, harm feelings, envies, jalousies, prides, angers, hatreds, fears, laziness, it is important to choose and to learn to listen to classical music, a superior music, created by people who possessed an inspired knowledge.

To begin you can choose Mozart’s music. ‘The Magic Flute’ takes us far away in time and reminds us about an Egyptian initiation.

Beethoven’s nine symphonies, and also many other classic compositions transport us in the superior worlds, giving us a state of joy and bliss.

So we invite the kind reader to select the music he listens to, in order to enjoy classical music’s benefic effects on his mind, feelings and actions.

Classical Music is Divine title=
Music and Human Will
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