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Our life resembles a train in motion, moving along fixed tracks of rigid, mechanical habits, in a vain and superficial existence
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VOPUS: The Ministry of Propaganda

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
VOPUS: Ministerul de Propagandă

Among the multiple projects proposed by Venerable Master Samael for spreading the teaching, there was one of them that still has not crystallized due to many different reasons. We refer to the Ministry of Propaganda, which was baptized with the Latin name: VOPUS.

The main goal of that Ministry in the Gnostic Institution would be to establish all type of audiovisuals and other indispensable mechanisms to urgently carry the message of the REVOLUTION OF THE CONSCIOSNESS to the masses all over the world. Among other things, the Venerable one said:

Nowadays, the mass-media are used to enslave the Consciousness; the mentality of people is greatly influenced by the media; people don’t have free will to organize their lives. Half of humanity wants to enslave the mind of the other half of humanity, and advertising and audiovisuals are causing havoc.

The Venerable Master’s words are not a whimsical act of denouncing that social phenomenon called «Stereotype» by many critics of our days. This word means that our apathetic society moves, lives and develops thanks to certain parameters of behaviour established by the mass media. This situation constitutes a serious inconvenience when trying to help the multitudes to realize that the Consciousness –that wonderful psychic functionalism that we all possess– is in a «comatose state», that is to say, in a deep sleep. It is a pity that sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, judges, etc., etc., do not have the slightest interest in modifying the state of things despite knowing that society is rapidly becoming rotten by the mass media. Even worse is that sometimes, we get the impression that they are willing cooperating in the merciless exploitation of people’s mind.

As the mass media unceasingly bombards the mental structures of populations, broadcasting cruel and barbaric sports such as boxing matches, contact sports, bestial motorcycle races or car races where cars crash and run over reckless fanatics, etc., it is obviously very far from helping people find the much needed inner serenity within these distressing days. On top of the violence there are those who suffer a stroke when they watch their favourite team lose a match on TV...

What is even more incongruous is that in many countries, certain esoteric or mystical organizations are scathingly criticized in public debates or on TV just for trying to bring to the world’s attention the fact that all of us, without exception, are being filled with inferior emotions that feed our innate aggressiveness as Freud and Jung warned in their studies. In fact, recently in China, after exhaustive studies, it was found that PORNOGRAPHY and rock concerts were causing very aggressive behaviours to develop within the inhabitants of that oriental country. Outstanding American psychologists and sociologists have always known this, and yet, nobody has sought a solution for this problem. History shows that every time a voice clamours against these kind of degradations, immediately a great number of people appear to defend all those unjustifiable degradations. Then those defenders label the critics as «old-fashioned», «reactionaries», «antiquated», «undemocratic» and a long series of epithets very common in the general journalistic, political, philosophical and social environment.

However, the harsh reality is beyond the epithets thrown against those who want a new order of ideas and events. Who has not seen or experienced the dysfunctional personality of a girl that has transformed herself into a Goth-vampire after having seen these absurd recommendations in a magazine? What is the fate of that Goth-vampire in her social and personal environment? Today, more than ever, it seems that we are determined to forget that «society is an extension of the individuals», and everything that happens to the individual causes repercussions with everybody else in a direct or indirect way.

Movies contact, directly or subliminally, the delicate psychic fibres of the viewers. In this way the viewers are hypnotized by the images projected in the movie, which intensifies their dreams and fantasies. These individuals will then ridiculously wish to convert these fantasies into reality...The Venerable Mahatma Samael used to say that when we wish for our dreams to become reality, then we are dangerously close to committing acts of true madness..

Isn’t it true that rock concerts, fashions, and movies of the sixties, determined the appearance of the hippie phenomenon of drugs, hooligans, and dreaded generational conflicts which increase more and more every day? We don’t deny that all this is partly due to the rigour of the Kali-Yuga –Black Age– that we are living nowadays, but, it is evident that both issues are contributing to the problem.

For all of these reasons, when Venerable Master Samael was visiting a Gnostic group that we had founded in the north of the Mexican Republic, he commented with F. S. B. –his last secretary–, the brother R.V. and myself, the author of this work, about the imperious necessity of creating an international organization; an organization that would push to spread the Gnostic message in order to combat the disastrous influence of the mass media on people. And in fact, this goal should be accomplished by using the very same mass media.

The project was discussed during the three days of his stay in that city of northern Mexico, and as a result of these discussions and an investigation carried out by Master Samael himself, there emerged the idea of constituting what he called VOPUS.

We must also mention in addition to all of this, the Master yearned for the creation of a radiobroadcast in the Caribbean Antilles. This station would have the firm purpose of broadcasting messages and programs of a HIGH LEVEL OF BEING in order to help humanity awaken the possibilities that lie dormant within each one of us.

Excerpt from Chapter XXIII, "The Ministry of Propaganda" from the bool “Samael Aun Weor, Absolute Man” written by Óscar Uzcategui.

VOPUS: The Ministry of Propaganda
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