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The opinion we may hold regarding the Truth, however respectable it be, is in no way the Truth
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Fanaticism and Sects

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
fanaticism and Sects-Hooligans

When we talk about football in general, it is not the same to talk about a good and experienced football manager, than to talk about a spectator that has gone to see the football match with his son for the first time, than to talk about a face painted football fanatic that holds a torch in his hand, ready to fight tooth and nail for his team.

The same happens in all fields of social life, politics, religion... and also in Gnosis. Everything and everybody is different, there are different inner values in each person, there are levels and levels, groups and groups, people and people.

Sadly, in the name of the truth we have to say that many people have caused damage to the Gnostic knowledge and have caused harm to whom delivered the teaching. Some people who were just “simple spectators” wanted to be football players and referees, without knowing the rules of the game, and thus they failed. It was worse the case of those who wanted to be football manager experts, without knowing very much about “football”; many of them ended up converted into fanatical supporters, radical people, sincere but mistaken people, that started to believe their own unrealities, and they transmitted those unrealities to their followers as if they were truths.

And yes, they did harm to those sincere seekers of the Path and seekers of the balanced life that followed them. Tears, broken hearts, sadness, sorrow, is what one feels when one understands the meaning of all this...

However, we should not get disappointed. Not everything was sad, the rules and the written art still remain available, the “football field” is open, and there were brave ones who wanted to follow the “route sheet” and the Path. These are the ones who passed the teaching to us with love, because they understood it and lived it at every moment, and furthermore, with they ardent example they also showed us their loyalty to the giver of light, to the one who played the match until its very end, until its last consequences, that is to say, to the guru that opened and cleared the Path.

fanaticism and Sects-Buddha

Those who live and experience the teaching never create sects, because they are free men or women that appreciate and love freedom in general, and their own freedom, because they got their freedom struggling with much effort, day after day, with determination, then, how could they threaten the freedom of the others without feeling remorse?

However, woe, woe to those ignorant ones who believe that they are great and know everything, although their daily acts and their level of being show the contrary at every moment; they right now want to be veteran football players, experienced managers or referees...Definitely, those ones create sects, restrict our freedom, dishonour their fellows, make their ignorant fellowmen swallow the most absurd things as if they were truths, and imprison their consciousness. Woe to you, blind guides of the blind, for you will be cast out, there will be the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

And what can we say about those ignorant ones who were going in search of the truth, and came across wolves in sheep's clothing, football managers that do not know the rules of the game, cruel referees, and veteran players but ignorant and stupid? Victims, they became innocent victims of this cruel kali-yuga; they were a lost opportunity, souls that were misled, maybe forever.

Only a few will understand, and will have the chance to start the Path again; but others will get marked by resentment and pain forever, unable to transform and forgive, and will become more cruel judges than the very fanatical wolves that have hurt them, and will form cruel clubs and anti-sects.

fanaticism and Sects-Liberty

People like this will say that the knowledge is false, that they have seen it (even though they did not dare, or they did not have the chance to experience the knowledge correctly), that we are fanatical and irrational. There are others, even more external, who do not know that they do not know, and in fact they have never entered in the football field to see what the game is about, and never have seen even a ball, but they will also add themselves to the criticisms, and yes, they will say very convinced: They are fanatical, they restrict freedom, they are a sect... Obviously, they do not know, they have not experienced anything and they do not want to know anything, but it is easy to criticize. They criticize and laugh at what they do not know. They can be called “learned ignoramuses”.

The mind can defend and justify anything. To believe or not believe are the opposite poles of the same thing. Many believe in God and they say they are religious people, others do not believe in God, and they are atheists... but the important thing would be to experience the presence of God.

The experience is something different; it takes us beyond beliefs, fanaticisms or sectarianisms. It takes us inside the Real, inside the Truth, inside that which can be experimented.

The Gnosis of today and ever is only interested in the direct experience of the things, that is to say, in the Self-Gnosis, in the inner Self-Knowledge, and that is beyond any sectarianism and fanaticism.

That’s all, dear reader. If you are interested in understanding Gnosis, the only way is through the direct experience; otherwise it will only be for you another theory. Now it is your turn and your time to take the field, if you long it.

fanaticism and Sects
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