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The Symbols of Saturn and Jupiter

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
With Jupiter and Saturn we have reached the end of the symbols of the Seven Main Planets of our Solar System Ors.

From the beginning of these articles about the form and the reason of the symbol of each of them, we have demonstrated that they are not some signs put randomly, but follow an universal archetype, and that their form is the ideographic representation of the Esoteric Work which must be done.

We begin this last study talking about the astrological sign of Jupiter.
Its basic form is the cross with four corners, “the stone” to be chiseled in the Great Work.

The Symbol of Jupiter
This cross with its four sides reminds us of the 4 physical elements and their 4 Tattvas; the 4 chemical elements; the 4 elements and colours of Alchemy; the 4 Solar Bodies; the 4 Paths and the 4 Tests; the four stages of the life of the human being; the 4 seasons of Nature and of the Races; the 4 types of temperament; the 4 Entrances of the Inner Palace; the 4 winds or cardinal and esoteric points; the 4 protectors of the race and Tetrasustainers of the Universe; the 4 animals of alchemy and of the Solar Gospel etc.
 All these “four” are nothing but the representation of energies, forces or entelechies, which the human being must develop them or transcend them in order to achieve, within oneself, the mystery of the Saint TETRAGRAMMATON(God’s name in four letters) and which is written like this:IOD HE VAU HE.
Quetzalcoatl and The Cross
These four words take us to the Ninth Sphere, to the famous Ignited Furnace of Vulcan, in which we must rise the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers; this latter is represented in the Jupiterian sign by the line that rises like a ray of light that unites us with the infinite.

The Cross is the sublime monogram of the Logos, of the Jupiter-Zeus, of Christ,our Lord; He is the Astral Light, the Christonic Power closed within ourselves and which awakes only through “The Cross”, through the Amorous Magic and which the Aztecs called Quetzalcoatl.
The metal of Jupiter-Zeus is the tin and it indicates us ductility, expansion, is the Creation within itself, as above, so below, that is why He is the Verb.
The Symbol of SaturnSaturn, the seventh sign, is governed by lead; but let us remember that there is the lead in raw state and the lead in the colloidal, subtle state; that is why it governs the knees (the Chakra of the Knees) to indicate strength, power, support, the base, but without fatuity, with much humility, which is the path to achieve Wisdom and to reach the Elder of Days, who also it represents.
We notice that if we turn the sign of Saturn it is, with a small difference, similar to the one of Jupiter, put turned inversely, because it is the beginning, the first emanation from the Absolute, but in its turn, reversed, is the last, the Alpha and the Omega, is the returning to the original point of departure, from the same forces (The Cross and The Logos).

In the Brachygraphic writing in Ancient Rome, called “Tironian”, we discover that the sign for “A” is an “h”, from which through the variation of the placing of a dot words abbreviate.
The Symbols of Saturn and Jupiter
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Berthyves said:

Very nice. Is there a page with the other planets explained like this?
February 01, 2015

SHaza said:

where is the page which has the symbols of the other Seven Main Planets of the Solar System Ors??
April 16, 2017

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