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The Dog

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
The Dog, Man’s best friend

Man’s best friend

I always considered that ‘Traditional Proverbs’ contain a great Hidden Wisdom; for example, in the proverb ‘the dog is man’s best friend’ we can discover that this refers not only to the concrete fact that the quadruped serves us as guardian, pet, shepherd in the field labors or draft animal for the sleights, as mascot or as a blind person’s guide, etc., but also, profoundly, it refers to an aspect related to the foundation of the integral development of the human being, because he represents, in the ancestral symbolism, the Sexual Instinct, that is to say that electromagnetic force which from the abdomen, transforms in our psycho-physiology, and that we must learn to control with wisdom in order to reach the Auto-Development, the Consciousness, the Power.

In the various cultures that preceded us along the centuries, we have always met this good companion.

The Dog, Sexual Instinct, Xolotl, Quetzalcoatl

In the Nahuatl language, ‘XOLOTL’ means sometimes ‘dog’, sometimes ‘twin brother’. He is the twin brother of Quetzalcoatl (the Logos, the Christ), he is the one who awakens the Light, the Morning Star. Let’s not forget that Father Sahagun said that: ‘The dog is the symbol of the celestial origin Fire’. He is the Erotic Instinct, that extraordinary and wonderful agent who can radically transform us.

That is why we see him on some frescos in Teotihuacan, carried by Quetzalcoatl in his basket, indicating his road. All this because the Dog always guides the Knight (the Gnostic Initiate), leading him on the narrow pathway that leads from Darkness to Light, from Death to Immortality; wasn’t it necessary for Hercules to get Cerberus (the three-headed dog with wide heads and with neck surrounded by snakes) out of its plutonic territory? And what is to say about the dogs Ortros and Eurition, guardians of Gerion, the three-bodied giant? Aren’t these dogs the symbol of animal passion, and isn’t Gerion the Temple of God?

We don’t have to forget, talking about this topic, that the austere guardian of Aesculap’s Temple, in the August Rome of the Caesars, was always a dog. And the sacred dogs from Volcano’s Temple were very well taken care of.

The Dog, Sexual Instinct, Dante

TLet’s not forget also, the dog that appears next to the snake, licking the bull’s blood, while Mitra with his dagger kills the Bramadore Beast and a scorpion bites the animal’s sex.

And how can we forget the legend that tells us about Orpheus’s deed, making Cerberus sleep with the help of his lyre when he descended in Tartar in order to look for Eurydice.

It can still be seen, in the authentic graves from ancient times, a dog at the feet of the deceased’s sculpture, infernal symbol profoundly significant.

Doctor Faust, before the astonished eyes of Count Gaspar Moir de Locca, made ‘Prestigiar’, his mysterious dog, change his colors (white, yellow, red), exactly the colors that the Philosophical Stone takes as the Work in the Great Masterpiece sublimates and purifies.

Consequently, the dog also participates at the Magic, and in ancient times he was consecrated to the God Mercury.

The dog also represents Friendship and in its opposite aspect, Hidden Enemies.

Let’s allow our personal dog to nourish himself with Wisdom, Love, Friendship, like Lebrel, the dog of della Scala, Lord of Verona, and benefactor of Dante.

The Dog, Sexual Instinct, Dante
The Dog, Man’s best friend
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