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Tarot - Arcanum No. 14

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Tarot, Arcanum No. 14, Egyptian Tarot, Temperance

In the Arcanum No. 14 appears an Angel with the Sun at his forehead and a cup in each hand, preparing the mixture of the Red Elixir with the White Elixir; the Elixir of Long Life results from the mixture of these two; undoubtedly, this is the Elixir that the medievalalchemists yearned for. The White Elixir is the Woman and the Red Elixir is the Man, it is impossible to produce the Elixir of Long Life without these two. The Elixir of the woman emanates from the Moon and the elixir of the man from the Sun; this is indicated by the colours of the two Elixirs.

The profound wisdom of Arcanum No. 14 is classically divided into three parts:


  • 1. Transmutation. The mixture of the Elixirs of man and woman, the Red and the White, gives origin to the "Elixir of Long Life". We have the concrete case of Nicholas Flammel and his wife who now live physically in India; they have the “Elixir of Long Life"; nowadays, Paracelsus lives on a mountain in Bohemia, in a Temple which is in the Jinn state, they who possess the "Elixir of Long Life" know how to live as vagabonds.
  • 2. Transformation. The second part of this Arcanum No. 14 refers to the Transformation of the Energies. One type of energy can be transformed into another, for example Hatred into Love. There are many forms of transformation of the Energy. It is known In Esoteric Wisdom that the Initiate must transform himself into a bird, into a hawk with a human head, when the "I" is Dissolved. With a free Consciousness, transformed into birds, we enter into the World of the Dead still alive, we can fly over the seas, we can go across the mountains.
  • 3. Transubstantiation. The Last Supper of the adorable Saviour of the World dates from ancient times. The Great Lord of Atlantis also practised this ceremony as Jesus Christ did.

When the Septenary Man is sexually united with the Septenary Woman an addition is made whose result is the Arcanum No. 14 of the Tarot. It is worth mentioning the fact that both the Man and the Woman have Seven Principles. The most important and the fastest centre of the human being is the Sex.

The process of creating a new being is realized within the Law of the Musical Octaves. The seven Notes of the musical scale form the foundation of all creation. If we transmute the Creative Energy, we initiate a new Octave in the Etheric World, whose result is a vehicle with which we are able to consciously penetrate all of the Departments of the Kingdom.

A Third Octave will permit us to engender the true Astral Body, the Christ Astral. Upon reaching these heights the old Astral Body, the phantom, is reduced to an empty shell which, little by little, disintegrates.

A Fourth Octave permits us to engender the Christ Mind, this vehicle gives us true Wisdom and Unity of Thought. Only one who engenders the Christ Mind has the right to say: "I have a mental Body". The current Mental Body is only a phantom shape. This Mental Body really converts itself into an empty shell; when the true Mind is born, the old Body is disintegrated, it is reduced to cosmic dust.

The Fifth Musical Octave engenders the true Causal Body; when attaining this height we incarnate the Soul; thus we can have a Real Existence. Before this moment we do not have a Real Existence.

Arcanum No. 14 is Chastity, Transmutation of the Waters. One must work hard, chiseling the Stone, without this one cannot achieve the Sexual Transmutation.

  • Hebrew Letter: „Nun”
  • Transcendental Axiom: „Do not be like the straw in front of the wind, nor like the wind in front of the straw.”
  • Timetable: Fifth Hour of Apollonius: „The Superior Waters of Heaven” (during this time the disciple learns to be Pure and Chaste because he understands the value of his Seminal Fluid).
  • Forecasting Element: "It promises friendships, mutual affections, obligations, chemical combinations and combinations of interests, afflicted loves, devoted loves, treacherous loves. Things that remain and things that leave, the first in order to depart, the others in order to return".


  • The Master who renounces Nirvana for the love of humanity is confirmed as three times Honorable.
  • The Master who renounces Nirvana so as to remain in the Physical World must ask for the Elixir of Long Life.

Excerpts from the book “Tarot and Kabbalah” by Samael Aun Weor

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