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Tarot - Arcanum No. 12

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Tarot, Arcanum No. 12, Egyptian Tarot, The Apostolate

The Arcanum No. 12 represents the 12 Zodiacal Signs, the 12 Apostles, the 12 Tribes of Israel, the 12 hours of cooking of the Alchemists, the 12 Faculties, the Hydrogen SI-12. Arcanum No. 12 of the Tarot is the "Apostolate"c. The figure is of a hanged man forming a triangle with his arms, with the vertex pointing downwards; with his legs he forms a cross which is above the triangle. All of the work has as its objective the acquiring of Soul, that is to achieve the union of the Cross with the Triangle; this is the Great Work.

The Twelfth Card of the Tarot is Sexual Alchemy, the Cross - Man must be united with the Triangle - Spirit by means of the Sexual Fire. Arcanum No.12 implies Sacrifice, Suffering. Nevertheless, this number is a very complete number, it is the famous Dodecahedron upon which all of the universal creations of the Solar System which has 12 Foundations, 12 Planets, are supported.

Esoteric Science teaches us that 7 principal planets exist:


  • With Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, there would be a total of ten planets; however Esoteric Science sustains that there are two more planets beyond Pluto. 12 Savior Planets have always been spoken of; the Master Jesus had 12 Disciples, and in the Gnostic texts of the Pistis Sophia 12 Saviors are referred to.

    The Chinese tradition speaks of the 10 Trunks (Shikan) and the 12 Branches, that is to say the 10 Sephiroth and the 12 Faculties of the human being. It is necessary to know that the 7 Chakras and the 5 Senses are the 12 Faculties. Unquestionably the spinal cord has seven Magnetic Centers, these are the seven Chakras or the seven Churches of the Apocalypse of Saint John:

    • EPHESUS - Base of the Spinal Cord - 4 petals.
    • SMYRNA - Level of the Prostate - 6 petals.
    • PERGAMOS - Level of the Solar Plexus - 10 petals.
    • THYATIRA - In the Heart - 12 petals.
    • SARDIS - Creative Larynx - 16 petals.
    • PHILADELPHIA - In the Mid brow - 2 petals.
    • LAODICEA - In the Pineal Gland - 1.000 petals.

    These are the 7 Chakras and together with the 5 Senses one is converted into an investigator of the Superior Worlds, these are the 12 Faculties of every human creature. The Universe came out from the Chinese "Huel-Tum", the Chaos. The 10 Trunks and the 12 Branches also came out from the Chaos, that in Alchemy is the "Ens Seminis" in which the “Ens Virtutis” is contained, the raw matter of the Great Work (the "Entity of the Being" according to Paracelsus). This entity becomes the Philosophical Stone or Lapis Philosophorum for which the Medieval Alchemists were searching.

    Let us remember the marvelous union of the cross with the triangle; in the Arcanum No. 12, we see a man who hangs suspended by one foot, this indicates the fecund work in the Ninth Sphere, without which the union of the Cross with the Triangle could not be attained; the Philosophical Gold could not be achieved without this union.

    Arcanum No. 12 implies Sacrifices, Sufferings, it is the card of the Apostolate. The Arcanum No. 12 brings much suffering, many struggles. It has a very beautiful synthesis because 1 + 2 = 3, which signifies Material as well as Spiritual Production; it is powerful in the spiritual and in the social field. This Arcanum promises struggles in the economical and social field.

    • Hebrew Letter: „Lamed”
    • Transcendental Axiom: „Although the Sun tires you by day and the Moon saddens you at night, you shall not lose your foothold, neither you shall sleep when you are on guard.”
    • Timetable: Third Hour of Apollonius: „The Serpents, the Dogs and the Fire” (Sexual Magic, Work with the Kundalini).
    • Forecasting Element: "It promises contrarieties, setbacks, downfalls. Material loss in some conditions of life and gains in others. Presentiments which enliven and presentiments which discourage".


    • The Alchemist needs an Athanor (Furnace) so as to work in the Great Work. This Athanor is the Woman.
    • He who wants to become an Ineffable God has to adore the Woman.
    • I consider that Self-Realization is impossible without a woman.
    • To be an alchemist is impossible if one is not working with the Philosophical Stone. This Blessed Stone has four names: Azoth, Inri, Adam, Eve.
    • The Sun King is begotten within each one of us by practicing Sexual Magic intensely with our Woman.
    • The Woman converts us into Ineffable Gods.

    Excerpts from the book “Tarot and Kabbalah” by Samael Aun Weor

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    Shane O'Ruarc said:

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder, for somehow, it was slipping from my mind.

    Much appreciated.

    February 22, 2021

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