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Tarot, Arcanum No. 10, Egyptian Tarot, The Retribution-Wheel of Samsara

Arcanum No.10 of the Tarot is the „Wheel of Fortune”, is the same Wheel of Samsara, the tragic wheel that symbolizes the Law of Ancient Return. One must differentiate between Return, Reincarnation and Transmigration, which are all completely different.

RETURN: The Worlds, the heavens, the stars, the four seasons return to their original point of life. The Ego Returns through all of the 108 lives of each human being, in accordance with the 108 beads in the necklace of Buddha.

When death arrives, the Egos enter into the Infernal Worlds and others return into a new womb; the Ego is composed of many entities, some of them reincorporate into animal or plant organisms, and others into human wombs, thus, the Ego returns into a new organism. The Buddhata (Essence) which is our Divine and substantial part, returns bottled up within these Egos. Undoubtedly, many parts of ourselves live within animal organisms.

REINCARNATION: This is the descent of the Divinity into a Human Being. The Incarnation of Vishnu into a Human Being is what is called an Avatar. Properly, Vishnu is the Christ, the Solar Logos; for this reason in India they say that reincarnation is performed by Vishnu. Krishna spoke about this by saying: "Only the Devas reincarnate".

TRANSMIGRATION: This begins when the Being becomes part of the Mineral Kingdom, then, after a lot of time, evolves into the Plant Kingdom, and subsequently through eternities, the Being rises into the evolution of the Animal Kingdom in order to rise up to the Human State where we are assigned 108 lives; if at the end of the 108 lives the Being has not reached Self-Realization, the involution commences in the Submerged Kingdoms of the planet Earth, where the animal, plant and mineral states are recapitulated. The Essence or Buddhata is purified in the profoundness of the Abyss, in the Atomic Infernos of Nature; the Essence is purified, is liberated from within the Ego through the disintegration of the Ego; and thus, the Essence free after eternities, comes back to rise again, beginning once again from the Mineral Kingdom, then the Plant, the Animal, until claiming the Human State which was previously lost. This is the Law of the Transmigration of Souls.

In the Arcanum No. 10 we find the Wheel of Destiny, the Cosmogenic Wheel of Ezekiel. On this wheel we find the Battle of the Antithesis, Hermanubis at the right, Typhon at the left. This is the wheel of the centuries, it is the Wheel of Fortune, the wheel of Reincarnation and Karma, the Terrible Wheel of Retribution - the Mystery of the Sphinx is above the Wheel.

In the Wheel of the Antithesis the two Serpents are in a mutual struggle. Within this Wheel the whole secret of the Tree of Knowledge is enclosed. The Four Rivers of Paradise flow from a single source; one of the rivers flows through the dense forest of the sun, watering the Philosophical Earth of the Gold of Light, and the other, tenebrous and disturbed, circulates through the Kingdom of the Abyss. Light and Darkness, White Magic and Black Magic are mutually fighting. Eros and Anteros, Cain and Abel live within ourselves in an intense struggle until we discover the Mystery of the Sphinx, grasping the Flaming Sword; then we liberate ourselves from the Wheel of Centuries.

Arcanum No. 10 is kabbalistically called the Kingdom or Vital Centre, it is called the Formative Root of all of the Laws of Nature and of the Cosmos. To form means to intellectually conceive and after to build or draw. For this reason 10 is the Formative Principle of all things.

It is said that number 10 is the foundation, the Kingdom, and the person that obeys the commandments of this Arcanum sees the Return of all things. If the student knows how to obey, he will see the return of all things, he will elevate himself towards Illumination and will be able to see the Flux and Reflux of all things because he is an Illuminated One.

The Kabbalah says that we see things in accordance to the extent that we begin to obey “10”. In this Number “10” are the Principles:

The Arcanum No. 10 is really transcendental from the esoteric point of view. The circle with the point in the centre is a complete phallic symbol; the point, when it is prolonged, becomes a line, the Lingam. If the line is placed to the left, it forms the Number 10, all of the secrets of the Lingam-Yoni are to be found within this number, the Laws of Irradiation and Absorption, too. To attain the Intimate Self-realization of the Being without having worked with the Sahaja Maithuna, is not possible.

Arcanum No. 10 is the Wheel of Samsara, the Cosmogenic Wheel of Ezekiel. We find in this wheel the Struggle of Antitheses. The complete secret of the Tree of Knowledge is contained in this wheel.

The Arcanum No. 10 is the Wheel of the Centuries, the tragic wheel which is the Law of ancient Return; it is logical that this law is intimately linked with the Law of Recurrence, meaning that everything comes to occur just as it occurred before, plus the good or bad consequences, the same dramas are repeated, this is called Karma.

When we make a petition, many times the angels respond by showing us the clock. The disciple must take note of the hour on the clock. This is the Clock of Destiny. The answer is to be found within the hour. In esoteric allegory, one is always answered by the Clock.One must learn how to understand the Clock.

  • Kabbalistic Sephiroth: „MALKUTH”
  • Hebrew Letter: „IOD”
  • Transcendental Axiom: „The knowledge that you buy with your experience is expensive, and the knowledge that you lack and you need to buy is even more expensive.”
  • Timetable: First Hour of Apollonius: „Transcendental study of Occultism”
  • Forecasting Element: It promises good and bad fortune, elevation and descents, legitimate possessions and doubtful possessions. Recommendations of past actions and circumstances which are repeated in a different way.


  • We liberate ourselves from the Wheel of Samsara only by means of the Arcanum A.Z.F.
  • The Body of Adam-Kadmon is made up by the Sephiroth.
  • The human being enters into the Kingdom of Adam-Kadmon when he reaches in depth Self-Realization.
  • The Kingdom of Adam-Kadmon is absorbed into the Absolute, where life, freely in its movement, shines.

Excerpts from the book “Tarot and Kabbalah” by Samael Aun Weor

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