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The great realities of the Spirit can only be experienced with the Consciousness
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The Sleep of Consciousness

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
The Sleep of Consciousness

The Positive Clairvoyant knows how to work with the Will as a Faculty; the Negative Clairvoyant sees, without wanting to see, and always ends up betrayed by the Tenebrous ones.

Only those Souls who LIVE AWAKENED in the Supersensible Worlds, those who possess CONTINUOUS CONSCIOUSNESS, possess or have the POSITIVE CLAIRVOYANCE. The Mediums and Fortune Tellers are not useful for this category of investigations, they are unbalanced, and their investigations always end up being a failure, in most of the cases.

In all these there is something quite grave; I want to refer categorically to the “Sleep of Consciousness”.

The Four Gospels insist on the need to Awake, but unfortunately, people assume that they are "awake".

Even more grave is the fact that there is here and there a sort of very mental category of subjects, who of course not only that they sleep, but more than that, they dream that they are “awoke”.

This type of people call themselves “prophets” and in fact they are pretty dangerous because they project over the others their own dreams, hallucinations and follies; they surely are those who project over other people the crimes they never commited and destroy the homes of others.

It goes without saying that we do not talk against the Authentic Clairvoyants, we now just refer to the hallucinating individuals, to those onestly mistaken who dream that they are "awakened".

There are five types of Perceptions of Clairvoyance: Superconscious, Conscious, Unconscious, Infraconscious and Subconscious. In forensic psychiatry there are different Bio-Typological formes.

Each Personality reacts to the Perceptions of Clairvoyance according to the Personological and Psychopathological special Individual Diagnosis.

There is the Normal Paranoid, Seriously Paranoid, the Schizophrenic with violent, instantaneous and terrible reactions. There is also the Neurastenoid with double ill personality, the Oligophrenic (the common assasin), the Epileptic, the Schizoid with varied or hyperesthesic hypersensibility, with a genotypical epileptoid basis etc., etc.

The Sleep of Consciousness, The Megalomaniac, The Awakening

Without culture and without any intellectual discipline, a clairvoyant degenerates into a vulgar delinquent. Neurastenoid, Schizophrenic, Oligophrenic, Epileptic and varied hypersensibility Schizoid Clairvoyants fall into Psychopathic Consternation, convulsive and pathological Suggestion, Superstitious delusion of persecution etc., leading us to the abyss of crime.

To positively develop clairvoyance is necessary to have an intellectual culture. To develop the Chakras, the Occult Powers of the Astral Body, intellectual discipline is necessary.

Before we dedicate ourselves to developing the Occult Powers we need to study ourselves and to put a personological and psychopathological diagnosis to our own personality, to discover our psycho-biotypological I.

It is needed to reform ourselves with an Intellectual Culture. We need a Pedagogical Psychotherapy to reform ourselves and to Awake our Consciousness.

With profound pain we could highlight that esoteric failure is truly due to asleep Consciousness. In reality, many lovers of the Truth and onest gnostic devotees fail because of that lamentable state of sleeping Consciousness.

In Antiquity the Great Arcanum, Maithuna, Sexual Yoga was given only to the neophytes who were awaking their Consciousness; the Hierophants knew very well that the asleep disciples, sooner or later will abandon the work in the Ninth Sphere.

Even worse is that these failed ones deceive themselves thinking only good about themselves. Almost everytime they fall like prostitutes in the arms of a new school which bring them some sort of consolation, after which they pronounce phrases as follows: “I do not continue with the gnostic teachings because these ask for a pair, and this is personal, the eliberation, the work is something I have to look for alone”.

The Sleep of Consciousness, Evolution, Awakening, Supersensible Regions

Obviously, all these words of self-consolation and self-consideration have only self-justification as a purpose.

If these poor people would have had the Consciousness Awoken, they would have verified through themselves that “as it is above so it is bellow” and vice versa; they would have experienced in direct mode its harsh reality; they would have realised completely the lamentable condition in which they are; they would have understood the necessity of Maithuna for creating their Solar Bodies, the Wedding Clothes of the Soul, thus accomplishing that “Second Birth” of which the Great Kabir Jesus talked to the Rabbi Nicodemus.

But this kind of wisdom talkers, sleep and are not truly capable to verify through themselves that they are dressed in “Lunar Clothes”, that they are wretched and miserable.

The dreamers, the asleep ones, assume that they are awakened; not only that they hurt themselves, but cause great prejudice to neightbours.

I think that the onest mistaken one, the asleep one who dreams he is awake, the Megalomaniac who believes himself to be super-trancendental, the halucinating one who considers himself Iluminated, is in reality unable to cause anything but more damage to humanity, unlike the one that never in his life had he been affiliated to our studies.

We speak in a very tough language; nevertheless you can be rest assured, beloved reader, that many asleep ones, hallucinated ones, at the reading of these lines, instead of stopping a moment to reflect, correct and rectify, will only seek the way to acquire my words for themselves with the obvious purpose to document their follies.

Unfortunately for this human anthill, the wretched crowds have inside themselves a bad secretary who interprets badly the Gnostic teaching. I want to refer to the Pluralised I, the Myself.

How Mephistopheles disguises himself as a Saint is the most funny; surely the Ego likes to be put on the altars and to be adored.

It is imperatively necessary to understand profoundly that meanwhile the Consciousness continues bottled in the Pluralised I, not only that will continue to sleep, even more, will sometimes have the bad habit of dreaming of being awoken.

The Sleep of Consciousness, The Megalomaniac, The Clairvoyance

The worst kind of madness results from combining Megalomania with hallucinations.

The Megalomaniac type is the one that believes he is God, who feels super-transcendental, who wants everybody to adore him.

This class of subjects, at the reading of this article will adapt in their own way my words and will think about themselves that they have already dissolved the I, although they have it more robust than a gorilla.

When a megalomaniac, asleep, works in the Forge of the Cyclops, you can be very rest assured that he will abandon the work very quickly saying: ”I have already obtained The Second Birth; I am free; I gave up Nirvana out of love for mankind, I am a God”.

It’s frightening to see the Megalomaniacs, the asleep hallucinated ones prophesying follies, defaming their neighbour, calling others Black Magi etc. This is terrible: Devils judging devils! All these wisdom talkers don’t want to realise that in this painful world we live in it’s almost impossible to ever encounter a saint.

Any magus is more or less ”black” and in no way he can be white as long as the demon, the Pluralised I, is still in the body. This thing of saying here and there that mister such is fallen, is certainly a very bad joke, because in this world everybody is fallen.

This way of slandering the neighbour and of destroying the homes with false prophecies, is specific to the hallucinated ones, to the people who dream of being awoken.

If someone truly wants to Self-Awaken, than to decide to “die” moment by moment, to practice meditation profoundly, to free oneself of the mind

Here, at the Patriarchal Headquarters of the Gnostic Movement, letters are frequently addressed to me from many asleep ones who say: ”My wife, such-and-such etc., is very evolved, is a very old Soul etc.”

These poor asleep ones that speak this way, think that time and Evolution can awaken them, self-realise, lead them to the Final Liberation. These people do not want to understand that Evolution and its twin sister Involution, are only two mechanical laws of Nature, that work in a harmonious and coordinated manner in all of creation. When someone awakens ones Consciousness understands the need to freeing oneself of these two laws and to enter on the Path of Revolution.

The Sleep of Consciousness, Clairvoyance, Awakening, Superior Regions

We want Awoken people, determined, revotionary; we in no way accept incoherent, vague, insipid, imprecise, insubstantial, inodorous phrases etc. We must live alert and vigilent like the sentinel in times of war. We want people to work with the Three Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness; we lament so many cases of onest mistaken ones, asleep ones that work with only one factor, unfortunately, many times used in a wrong way.

We must understand what we are: poor asleep animals, machines controled by the Ego...

Various works of the V.M. Samael Aun Weor

“It is necessary that the DREAMER AWAKES in the Internal Worlds before transforming oneself into a COMPETENT INVESTIGATOR in the SUPERIOR WORLDS.”

“All the authentic Exoteric and Esoteric investigation pertains to this state of PERFECT VIGILENCE. To investigate these worlds needs LOGICAL THINKING AND EXACT CONCEPT.”

The Sleep of Consciousness, Samael Aun weor
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