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We have to learn to live from moment to moment. Life is an eternal now, an eternal present
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The Illness Of The Tomorrow

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Written by Editor VOPUS   

Christ. I taught the prophets since the beginning, and I haven’t stopped speaking to everybody until today, but many turn a deaf ear to my voice.

Le-Christ-benissant-Bellini- The Illness Of The Tomorrow

Most people listen with the greatest pleasure to the world instead of listening to God; they follow more easily the desires of the flesh than the will of God.

The world promises temporal and vile things, and people serve zealously to the world; I promise immense and eternal possessions, and the hearts of the mortals languishes.

Is there anyone who serves and obeys me in everything with the same diligence as they serve the world and the lords of the world?

“Be you ashamed, Sidon; for the sea has spoken” (Isaiah 23, 4). And if you ask for the reason, hear it: for obtaining a poor benefit, a long way people undertake; for obtain the eternal life, many don’t even lift up a foot from the ground.

A miserable gain is sought; sometimes one shamefully argues for a coin, for something vain, and even for the mere promise of a little thing, one is not scared of working hard day and night.

But, what a shame! For the incomparable good, for the greatest award, for the highest honor and the never-ending glory, one feels too lazy, too tire, to do the smallest effort.

Be you ashamed, lazy and whingeing slave. The mundane ones will be more active for your perdition than you are for your salvation.

They take greater pleasure in the vanity, than you in the reality. Their hopes sometimes fail them; my promises don’t fail anyone, nor leave those who trust me with empty hands. I will give what I promised, I will fulfill what I said; but only to those who stay faithful to my love until death.

I am the one who rewards the good ones; I am the strength that tests all of the devotees.

Engrave my words in your heart, and study them carefully, because in time of temptation you will need them a lot.

What you don’t understand after reading it, you will understand the day that I visit you.

In two ways I usually visit my chosen ones: through temptations and consolations.

And I daily teach them two lessons: one, reprimanding them for their vices; another, encouraging them to progress in the virtue.

Those who know my words and despise them, those ones already have someone to judge them on the last day.

Thomas A Kemp, The Imitation of Christ (Excerpts) .

The Illness Of The Tomorrow

Hourglass- The Illness Of The Tomorrow

Samael Aun Weor

It is urgent to study the Gnosis and to use the practical ideas that we give in order to work seriously on oneself.

It is urgent to give value to the Gnostic Esoteric Work, it is indispensable to understand and appreciate it if we are really longing for a radical change.

There are persons who come to the Gnostic studies and they shine with the force of the longing, and they develop great enthusiasm for the Esoteric Work, and they even swear to consecrate their entire existence to these questions. Unquestionably all of the brothers of our movement admire such an eager person.

One cannot feel other thing than a great joy while listening to these kind of persons, so devoted and definitively sincere. Nevertheless the love affair doesn’t last for long time, and some day, due to this or that just or unjust reason, simple or complicated, the person withdraws from Gnosis, then he/she abandons the work, and in order to right wrongs, or trying to justify himself/herself, they enroll in any other mystical organization and they think that now they are doing better.

All this coming and going, all this incessant changing of schools, sects, religions, is due to the multiplicity of the “I’s” that fight for their supremacy within ourselves.

Since every “I” has its own criteria, its own mind, its own ideas, then, this change of mind, this constant fluttering about from organization to organization, from ideal to ideal, etc., is hardly normal.

The subject is nothing more than a machine that serves as a vehicle to any of our multiple “I’s”.

Some mystical “I’s” fool themselves, and after having left this or that sect, they resolve to think that they are Gods, then they shine as fatuous lights and finally they disappear.

There are persons that come to the Esoteric Work for a moment, and afterwards, at any other moment, another “I” takes place, and they abandon these studies in a definitive way, and let themselves be swallowed up by life.

Obviously, if someone doesn’t fight against life, it will swallow him/her. There are few aspirants that truly doesn’t let themselves be swallowed up by life.

Since a whole multiplicity of “I’s” exist inside of us, the PERMANENT CENTRE OF GRAVITY cannot exist.

When a true individuality doesn’t exist, then, a continuity of purposes is impossible.

If the psychological individual doesn’t exist, if many persons live in each one of us, if there is no responsible subject, it would be absurd to demand a continuity of purposes from someone.

We know well that many persons live inside that person, so the full sense of responsibility doesn’t really exist in us.

What a determined “I” affirms in any moment, cannot uphold any seriousness because of the concrete fact that any other “I” can affirm exactly the contrary in any other moment.

The serious thing in all of this is that many people think that they have a sense of moral responsibility and they fool themselves when they affirm that they are always the same person.

It is hardly normal that not all of the individuals self-realize themselves intimately. We know well that the intimate Self-realization of the Being demands a continuity of purposes and, since it is very difficult to find someone who has a Permanent Centre of Gravity, then it is not strange that there are very few persons who reach the inner, deep Self-realization.

It is normal that someone gets interested for the Esoteric Work and then abandons it; the strange thing is that someone doesn’t abandon the work and reaches the goal.

Surely and in the name of the truth, we affirm that the Sun is making a laboratory experiment which is very complicated and terribly difficult.

Inside the intellectual animal, mistakenly called man, there are germs which can turn us into Solar Men if those germs are conveniently developed.

Nonetheless, it is not superfluous to clarify that it is not sure that these germs develop; the normal thing is that they degenerate and unfortunately get lost.

In any case the mentioned germs, which have to transform us into Solar Men, need a suitable ambient, since it is well known that the seed placed in a sterile environment doesn’t germinate, is lost.

For the real seed of Man, placed in our sexual glands, be able to germinate, they are required a CONTINUITY OF PURPOSES and a normal physical body.

How could we have a continuity of purposes if we don’t establish the Centre of Gravity in our psyches? Any race which is created by the Sun certainly doesn’t have any other objective in nature than serving the interests of this creation and the solar experiment.

The creation of the Solar Man is not possible if firstly we do not establish a Permanent Centre of Gravity in our interior.

The creation of Solar Men is possible when someone struggles for setting free from the lunar forces. There is no doubt that all of these “I’s” that we carry in our psyche are of an exclusively lunar kind.

It would in no way be possible to liberate ourselves from the lunar force if we didn’t previously establish a Permanent Centre of Gravity in ourselves.

How could we dissolve the totality of the pluralized “I” if we don’t have continuity of purposes? In which way could we have a continuity of purposes without previously having established a Permanent Centre of Gravity in our psyche?

Since the present race, instead of becoming independent of the lunar influence, it has lost any interest for the solar intelligence, unquestionably it has condemned itself to the involution and degeneration.

It is not possible to create the true Man through the evolving mechanics. We know well that evolution and its twin-sister, involution, are only two laws which make up the mechanical axis of the nature. One evolves until a certain perfectly defined point and then the devolving process appears; every ascent is followed by a descent, and vice versa.

We are only machines that are controlled by different “I’s”. We serve the economy of nature, we don’t have a defined individuality like many pseudo-esoterists and pseudo-occultists mistakenly suppose.

We urgently need to change so that the germs of Man can give fruits.

Only by working on oneself with a true continuity of purposes and a complete sense of moral responsibility we can convert into Solar Men. This implies consecrating the totality of our existence to the Esoteric Work on oneself.

Those who hope to reach the solar state through the mechanics of evolution are fooling themselves and eventually condemning themselves to the involutive degeneration.

In the Esoteric Work we cannot give ourselves the luxury of versatility; those who change with the wind, those who work on their psyches today and tomorrow let themselves be swallowed by the life, those who search for excuses and justifications to abandon the Esoteric Work, will degenerate and devolve.

Some people postpone the error; they leave everything for tomorrow while they improve their economical situation, without keeping in mind that the solar experiment is something very different from their criteria and their oft-repeated projects.

Really a person is what his/her life is. What continues beyond death, is the life. This is the significance of the book of life which is opened by death.

Looking at this question from a strict psychological point of view, any day of our life is really a small replica of the totality of life.

From all of this we can deduce the following: IF A MAN DOES NOT WORK ON HIMSELF TODAY, HE WILL NEVER CHANGE.

When people say that they want to work on themselves and they don’t work today, leaving it for tomorrow, that affirmation will be a simple project and nothing else because in the day of today is the replica of our entire life.

There is a common saying which goes like this: “Don’t postpone for tomorrow what can be done today”.

If a man says “I will work on myself tomorrow”, he will never work on himself, because always there will be a tomorrow.

This is very similar to a certain note, announcement or notice that some salesmen put in the shops: “I don’t sell on credit today, but tomorrow”. When someone in need comes to ask for a credit, he/she bumps into the terrible note, and if he/she comes back the next day, he/she will again meet the unhappy announcement or notice.

This is called the “ILLNESS OF THE TOMORROW” in psychology.

As long as a man says “tomorrow”, he will never change.

We need to work on ourselves today with unpostponable and maximum urgency, and not to dream lazily about a future or about an extraordinary opportunity.

Those who say: “First I will do this or that and then I will work”, will never work on themselves; they are the dwellers of the earth mentioned in the Sacred Scriptures.

I knew of a powerful landowner who said: “First I need to become wealthy and then I will work on myself”..

When he became deadly sick I visited him, and asked him the following question: “Do you still want to become wealthy?” “I regret very much that I have lost the time”, he answered me. He died some days after having recognized his error.

That man had a lot of land, but he wanted to become the owner of the neighbouring properties, to become “wealthy”, so that his ranch would be limited exactly by four roads.


“Every day has enough of its burden!”, the Great KABIR Jesus said: to self-observe ourselves this very day, what concerns the ever recurrent day, the miniature of our entire life.

When a man starts to work on himself, this very day, when he observes his annoyances and sorrows, he walks on the path of success.

If a person would start his day consciously, it is obvious that this a day would be very different from the other days.

When someone takes the totality of his/her life as the very day that he/she is living, when he/she doesn’t leave for tomorrow what should be done today, he/she will really know what it means to work on oneself.

A day never lacks importance; if we really want to transform ourselves radically, we should see ourselves, observe ourselves and understand ourselves daily.

Nonetheless, people don’t want to see themselves; some, having the longing to work on themselves, justify their negligence with phrases like the following one: “In the job I am not allowed to work on myself”. These words don’t have any sense, they are empty, vain, absurd, they only serve to justify the indolence, the laziness, the lack of love for the Great Cause.

This kind of people, even if they have a lot of spiritual restlessness, it is obvious that they will never change.

To observe ourselves is urgent, undeferable, unpostponable.

We not only need to know our day, but also the relation with the same. There is a certain ordinary day that every person experiences in a direct way, apart from the unusual, rare events.

It is interesting to observe the daily recurrence, the repetition of words and events for each person, etc.

This repetition or recurrence of events and words, is worth to study, it takes us to the self-knowledge. The intimate Self-observation is fundamental for the true change.

What is your psychological state when getting up? What are you feeling during the breakfast? Have you been impatient with the waiter, with the wife? Why were you impatient? What is it that always upset you?, etc.

To smoke or eat less is not all the change, but it does indicate a certain advance. We know well that vice and gluttony are inhuman and bestial.

It is not good that someone dedicated to the Secret Path has an excessively fat body and a protruding abdomen that is out of any eurythmics of perfection. This would point to gluttony, greed and even laziness.

The daily life, the profession, the job, even if they are vital for the existence, they constitute the sleep of the Consciousness.

To know that life is a dream doesn’t mean to have understood it. The comprehension comes with the Self-observation and the intense work on oneself.

In order to work on oneself, it is indispensable to work on our daily life, this very day, and then one will understand what that phrase in the Prayer of the Lord signifies: “Give us our daily Bread”..

The phrase “Daily Bread” means the “Super-substantial Bread” in Greek, or the “Bread of the High”..

Gnosis is this Bread of Life, in the double sense of ideas and forces, which allows us to disintegrate our psychological defects.

Perseu- Gorgona

Every time that we reduce this or that “I” to cosmic dust, we gain psychological experience, we eat the “Bread of Wisdom”, we receive a new knowledge.

Gnosis offers us the “Super-substantial Bread”, the “Bread of Wisdom”, and shows us with precision the new life that starts in oneself, within oneself, here and now.

Thus, it is good that we make ourselves more and more conscious about the Path upon which we find ourselves. Instead of losing the time, let us reflect and work, because this body, my dear brothers, will not last long, in any moment this body goes to the grave, in any moment this body will be in a vigil before the burial.

I invite you to think about it before you lose the body, before this event have occurred, which can happen in any moment; we must work because if anyone of you is already in the last of your existences, then if you work, you will be given new opportunities, but if you don’t work, these new opportunities will not come; therefore it is better to work, to enter the Path, to not lose the time stupidly.

The time in which we live is critical and difficult, and there is no longer any remedy. Now we only have one thing left: to take pains in dying in ourselves and to go forwards all that we can in the path of the Self-realization of the Being.

In the ancient times of Lemuria –in those epochs when the rivers with water of pure life emanated milk and honey–, humanity was governed by the FULASNITANIAN PRINCIPLE. That principle gave the human beings a very long life. Then, people usually lived for about 10 or 15 centuries; there was enough time to create in ourselves the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being.

Things are different today: the human race is now governed by the ITOKLANOS PRINCIPLE, which is surely an animal principle; one can die unexpectedly, the existence has become too short…

In the Egypt of the Pharaohs a lifespan of 140 years was still reached. In the Middle Ages the life-time was between 90 and 110 years, but now, in these moments, one almost doesn’t live. So, living in accordance with the principle of the animal life (Itoklanos), our existences are usually ephemeral…

In the epoch of Lemuria, when life was lived in accordance with the Fulasnitanian Principle, there was enough time to create the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being and to eliminate every inhuman element from our nature, but now everything is different.

The Itoklanos Principle doesn’t take into account the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being, but rather the animal bodies, and we die when nature needs it.

This means, that since there is a substance in everyone of us that nature uses for its own nutrition, nature will make someone disincarnate when it considers that the time has come, and it needs the aliment, it takes it without considering in any way whether the individual has or has not fabricated the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being (and disintegrated the inhuman elements); this is the Itoklanos Principle.

So in this manner, humanity is living in accordance with a Principle that is strictly animal: the Itoklanos Principle. The Itoklanos Principle is not for a true human specie, but since humanity is so degenerated, there is no other way than governing it by means of the Itoklanos Principle (which is for the animals).

This truth is cruel, but it is the truth.

You can see how everything has changed throughout time and years: Today, unfortunately the human specie is governed by the Itoklanos Principle. People doesn’t know when the time will come for the disincarnation of this or that person, for this or that student of Esoterism. So, what to do? TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE TIME to the maximum, to transmute the Sperm into Energy, to fabricate quickly the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being (and to eliminate the undesirable elements), before it be too late, because one doesn’t know in which moment the disincarnation will come.

This is the only condition, to hurry, to work fast, there is no other remedy; we are no longer governed by the Fulasnitanian Principle (when there was enough time for all this). There is no time any more, now one has to take advantage of the little time that we have…

If we don’t see the urgency of dedicating the totality of our existence to the work on oneself with the purpose of freeing ourselves from the double lunar force, then we will end up swallowed up by the Moon, devolving,, degenerating more and more within certain states which we could very well define as unconscious and infra-conscious.

Now the times are not for losing the time, for passing the years in the indolence, since we are in a critical and difficult moment. The end of the times already have come, and we are awaiting the catastrophes that have to occur, and the GREAT CATASTROPHE, with which all of the Apocalypse will to be sealed.

We can no longer spend some twenty existences in the role of Fakirs or Monks or Yogis. We are “in a hurry”; the moment in which we find ourselves demands that we, once and for all, take the Fourth Path, the Gnosis, the Fourth Way, which is the most practical.

So, what we need now is to LEAVE THE MENTAL LAZINESS, to work very hard on ourselves.

If we achieve it, if we break all of these psychic aggregates, the Consciousness will be awakened, individualized; then we will have done a masterpiece of our lives.

We repeat:

A man is what his life is; if a man doesn’t modify anything inside of himself, if he doesn’t radically transform his life, if he doesn’t work on himself, he is miserably losing his time…
The Illness Of The Tomorrow- Samael Aun Weor
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