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The Practical Gnosticism and the Theories

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
Saint George fighting the Dragon

We cannot deny that there are two trends in the world fighting for life and death for supremacy. On one hand, we have the spiritualist trend, consisting of all religions and beliefs. On the other hand, we have the materialist trend, with all its schools and its own dialectic.

The spiritualist trend believes that it, only it, has the truth. The materialist, atheist trend, assumes also that it has the truth. The spiritualist trend dedicates a cult to the God-Spirit, no matter what name is given: Allah, Brahma, God etc. The materialist trend dedicates a cult to the God-Matter, also regardless of what name is given.

There are two trends. The spiritualist one is fundamented on its theories. The materialist one on its own. Who is right, then? The ones on the right or the ones on the left? Without wanting to hurt the delicate susceptibilities we will say that neither ones nor the others know in reality that which is called the Truth.

The fanatics of spiritualism and of materialism have filled the world with theories, hypotheses and suppositions which have never been experimented. 'The man who never puts in practice his metaphysics is like a donkey loaded with books', said Mohammed. Theories have already become tiring and are even being sold and resold at the market... Then?

Authors contradict themselves in their works. The poor reader has to drink from the bitter cup of doubts. Theories serve only to cause us preoccupations and to embitter our lives. Without any vainglory, we have to assert that among so much darkness, the Gnostic studies are like a balm for the insatiable seeker of light.

Beloved reader, Gnosis offers us keys and procedures to experiment through ourselves the great realities of life and death.

Theories do not serve to anything; we need to be practical and to know through own living the purpose of our existence. Goethe rightly said: 'Any theory is grey, and green is only the tree with golden fruits, that is life'...

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