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The Meditation-Wiseman’s Bread

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Written by Editor VOPUS   

What is the Meditation?

On the mysterious frontispiece of the Delphi temple was graved in stone a Greek aphorism that said: NOSCE TE IPSUM, ‘Know yourself and you will know the Universe and the gods.’

It is clear that the study of the self, the serene reflection, finally ends with the silence and the serenity of the mind.

When the mind is silent and serene, not only at a superficial level, intellectually, but in all and in each of the 49 departments of the subconscious, then the new appears, the essence, the conscience is freed and the awakening of the soul, the ecstasy and the shamadi intervene.

The daily practice of meditation transforms us radically. The ones who don’t dedicate themselves to the annihilation of the ego, live flying from one school to another, and don’t find their permanent gravity center, die failing, without having obtained the Intimate Self-fulfillment of the Being. The awakening of the conscience is possible only through the freedom and the emancipation of the mental dualism, the fight of the contraries, the intellectual talking.

Any antithetic fight, no matter how insignificant and unconscious, indicates, in man’s atomic infernos, unknown obscure points. The observation and the knowledge of these infrahuman aspects of the self are indispensable for obtaining the absolute silence and serenity of the mind. Only in the absence of the ego the experience and the living of the Complete Revolution and of the Revolution of Dialectics is possible.

Samael Aun Weor, ‘Revolution of Dialectics’

Why to meditate?

The technique of meditation allows us to reach
the peaks of illumination and of the Revolution of Dialectics.

For Experiencing the Illuminating Vacuity

Vacuity is very hard to explain because it is indefinable and indescribable. Vacuity cannot be described or expressed in human words, because the different languages that exist on Terra can define only things and feelings that exist: it is not at all exaggerated to say that the human languages are not adequate for expressing non-existent things and feelings and yet terribly real.

Trying to define the illuminating vacuity in the terrestrial limits of a language limited by the forms of existence is, without any doubt, stupid and wrong.

The fact that things exist is owed to the vacuity and, through the simple fact that things exist, they must be the vacuity.

The vacuity is a clear and precise term that expresses the non-substantial and non-personal nature of the beings and an indication, a sign of the state of absolute absence of the pluralized Ego.

Only in the absolute absence of the Ego we can experience the Real, what doesn’t belong to time, what radically transforms. The vacuity and the existence complete one another, embrace themselves, include themselves, they never exclude one another, they never deny one another. The illuminating vacuity is the infinite; the vacuity is the life free in its movement. The vacuity is what it is, what was and what will always be. The vacuity is beyond time and eternity.

Buddha’s Necklace’

For intimately discovering ourselves


In life, the only important thing is the radical, total and final change; sincerely, the rest doesn’t have the tiniest importance. The meditation results fundamental when we sincerely want such a change. Under no circumstance we don’t want the un-transcendental, superficial and vain meditation.

It is necessary to become serious and to leave aside the stupidities that abound in the cheap pseudo-esotery and pseudo-occultism. We must be serious; we must know how to change, if in fact we don’t really want to fail in the Esoteric Work.

Who doesn’t know how to meditate, the superficial, the rough, will never be able to dissolve the ego; he will always be a helpless log on the stormy sea of life. The flaw discovered in the land of practical life, must be profoundly understood through the meditation technique.

‘The Great Rebellion’, Chapter ‘Meditation’

For developing our faculties

Meditating to the entire process of the birth and the death of a plant, meditating about all this wonderful vegetal life, if the concentration is perfect and the sleep gets to be deep, then the chakras of the Astral Body rotate, develop and open. The meditation must be correct. The mind must be exact. A logical thinking and an exact concept are needed for the internal senses to develop perfectly.

‘Endocrinology and Criminology’, Chapter ‘Superconsciousness’

For searching peace

It is necessary to KNOW HOW TO MEDITATE, to understand what the Technique of Meditation is. So the objective of meditation is simple: What do we search through meditation? TO CALM OURSELVES, SERENITY.

What we say might seem very superficial and you could object ‘that we could calm ourselves with a bottle of wine’, couldn’t we? This is clear. You could also object ‘that we could calm ourselves listening to a Beethoven symphony’. You could explain all these.

But in fact to get to serenity is more difficult than you think. No one could have mental serenity, no one could have a peaceful mind if he hasn’t eliminated from the intellectual Center any passing and improper though that he has. No one could have peace in his heart if he wouldn’t have eliminated the so prejudicial Negative Emotions.

So, when a Gnostic, a GNOSTIC ARHAT deepens in meditation, he searches for serenity.

The conference ‘The Necessity of Changing our Way of Thinking’

To search for information

With the meditation technique, what we search is information. A microscope can tell us about the life of germs, bacteria, cells, microorganisms, etc.; any telescope can give us vague information on celestial bodies, planets, aeroliths, stars, etc. But meditation goes far beyond this, because it allows us to know the truth from an ant to the sun, the truth of an atom or of a constellation.

The most important thing is to learn, to know how we can discover, take the conscience out of the mind and the ego; how to extract the conscience from the feelings; when we enslave the mind and the feelings, we obviously break chains, we free ourselves from this fatal cage, from this prison; like this we prepare ourselves for meditation.

The conference ‘The Knowledge of Meditation’

All the extracts below are taken from the books and conferences of the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor

Samael Aun Weor meditating
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