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The fast as esoteric discipline

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The fast as esoteric discipline- Meditation and Prayers

When we fast, we interrupt the mechanics of the psychological flaw over our mind, over our nervous center, over our instinctive center and over our personality.

Then a parameter of new conduct is established and this generates a lot of forces in our favor. Interrupting the mechanical habits we activate a wave of superior energy which comes to assist us.

That is why it is important to fast when we are in a psychological crisis, when we want our prayers to be listened, when we want to have more concentration, for having more will, and when we ask information about something specific, that was refused to us in meditation or in our prayers.

Then we appeal to fast as a way of sacrifice, through which we implore to receive the prize of knowing what we want.

The fast as esoteric discipline - Meditation and Deep Interiorisation

A fast correctly held is the one during which we stop eating any kind of food. We need to drink water with honey or plant infusion. This is the real fast.

A fast with fruit juice serves for purifying our organism, but not as a spiritual fast.

Combining the fast with a lot of prayers would be ideal. Because exactly when we fast, our body starts to vibrate with a superior energetic frequency and our prayers are more listened.

Also a little solitude is convenient, because it serves to nothing to fast if our external senses are bombed 24 hours a day with earthly impressions.

The person has to be deepened in her reflections, in her prayers, in her meditations and has to fast. An interesting thing during the fast is, if possible, to combine it with a talking fast, then the fast gets even more force.

Once the fast is over, it is advised that the person should start eating chicken soup, for example, then small portions of rice, and later will start eating the usual solid aliments.

A fast that we held for several days without having anything in the stomach cannot be interrupted by eating all of a sudden a heavy and sumptuous meal.

The fast as esoteric discipline - Lecture of the Master's Books
The fast as esoteric discipline
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