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Memory of Dreams

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Written by Samael Aun Weor   


Memory of Dreams - Remembering

During sleep the Ego gets out of the physical body. This exit of the Ego is necessary because this way the vital body can repair the physical body. We can guarantee that the Ego takes its dreams in the Inner Worlds. In the Inner Worlds the Ego does the same things that maintain it fascinating in the physical world. So during sleep we see the carpenter in his joinery, the policeman guarding streets, the barber in his barbershop, the smith in his forge, the drunk in the tavern or bar, the prostitute in the brothel devoting herself to lust etc. etc. All these people live in the Inner Worlds as if they were in the physical world.

No alive being thinks to ask itself during sleep if it is in the Physical world or in the Astral one. The ones who asked themselves such a question during sleep woke up in the Inner Worlds. Then, with amazement, they could study all the wonderfulness in the Superior Worlds. Only getting used to asking ourselves such a question every moment during the state called wakeful we can get to ask ourselves such a question in the Superior Worlds during the hours allocated to the sleep.

It is clear that during sleep we repeat everything we do during the day. If during the day we get used to asking ourselves this question, during the nocturnal sleep, being outside of our body, we will repeat to ourselves the same question. The result will be the awakening of the Consciousness.


When awaking from the usual sleep, every Gnostic student must do a retrospective exercise on the process of the dream, in order to remember all the places he visited during the hours of sleep. We already know that the Ego travels a lot (in the Astral), that is why it becomes necessary to remember when awaking from the usual sleep where we have been and everything we lived and heard. The masters teach the disciples when they are outside the physical body.

It is urgent to know how to deeply meditate and, then, to practice what we learn during the hours of sleep. It is necessary not to move when we wake up because with that move the Astral is troubled and the memories are lost. It is urgent to combine retrospective exercises with the following mantras: RAOM GAOM - RAAAAAA-OOOOOOOOMMM GAAAAA-OOOOOOMM.

Every word is divided in two syllables. The vowel O must be accentuated. These mantras are to the student what the dynamite is to the miner. Like the miner finds his way in the depths of the earth with the help of the dynamite, the student will find his way to the memories of the sub consciousness with the help of these mantras.

Memory of Dreams
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