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The opinion we may hold regarding the Truth, however respectable it be, is in no way the Truth
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Element Therapy - Occult Medicine and Practical Magic

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
Mercury’s Caduceus

Not the remedies,
but nature is the one that cures,
their virtue being only that
of helping it


‘Gnosis’ is the name of that medical wisdom that since the beginning of Creation has never changed its formulas, because they are exact, like a Pythagorean table. Inside them the science, the mystic and the ‘royal’ art are mixed, in a divine union.

These formulas have their fundament in ‘ELEMENT THERAPY’, which is the ‘royal art’ of Nature because it teaches us how to manipulate the elemental creatures of the plants known in ancient times as genies of the forests, dryads, hamadryades and fauns.

These plant elementals, that the Gnostic doctor uses, are the ‘dussi’ of St. Augustin, ‘the fairies’ of the Middle Age, the ‘Dore Oigh’ of the Welsh; the ‘groves’ and ‘maidens’ of the Irish, and the ‘anime’ of the wise Gnostic doctors, of our Indian brothers of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia).

The famous Master Paracelsus gives the name of ‘silvestres’ to the elementals in the forests and of ‘nymphs’ to the elementals of the aquatic plants. In the sacred books of all ancient religions, we find largely exposed the saint vegetal symbolism. It is enough to mention the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden, terrible symbol of the sexual force, in which the salvation or the condemn of man is found.

Salamander – fire elemental – folklore representation

The sephiroth Tree of Kabala: Aswatta of the sacred fig, symbol of the divine wisdom; the Mazdeins’ Haona in which Zoroaster represented man’s nervous and liquid system; the Zampoun in Tibet; the Iggdrasil; the ancient Celts’ oak.

All the ancient religions present their founders receiving their wisdom under a tree: so we see the great Gautama Buda Amitabha, receiving illumination under the Bodhi tree, which is found in ancient India.

CHRIST is an exception from this rule, because Christ is the Wisdom itself, is the SOLAR LOGOS, whose physical body is the Sun. Christ walks with his sun, the same way the human souls walk with their flash and bones bodies. Christ is the light of the Sun. The Light of the Sun is the Light of Christ.

The light of the Sun is a christonic substance that makes the plant grow and the seed sprout. Inside the grain’s hardness is found this substance of the Solar Logos, which allows the plant to continually reproduce, with glorious, vigorous and active life.

The folklore; the history of magic and witchcraft; the descriptions proved by assassinations and distance deaths caused by witchcraft, are possible only by manipulating the plants’ elementals.

The fabulous distance cures, about which the sacred books talk, are done by the Gnostic doctor with the help of the plants’ elementals.

the Sphinx – representation of the 4 elements


The phytotherapist and the allopathic doctor, both identify themselves through the exclusive study of the physical body of the living beings. The Gnostic doctor studies the man and the plant in their triple aspect of body, soul and spirit.

The Gnostic doctor sees the plants as humans. The Gnostic therapeutics is mystical, symbolical, and alchemical.

ÎIn the Rishis’ glorious India there isn’t a single village that doesn’t have its magic tree whose ‘Elemental Genius’ is blessed by the people. The Hellenist traditions say that every forest has its ‘genius’ and every tree its ‘nymph’.

Erasmus Darwin says in his ‘Botanical Garden’ that the plant has a soul. We must remember that eminent people as Democritus, Anaxagoras and Empedocles affirmed the same thesis before these false lights of modern civilization appeared in the world.

Recently there are some who say that the movements of the roots are voluntary.

Vrolik, Hedwig, Bonnet, Ludwig, F. Ed. Smith, say that plants are susceptible of various sensations and they know happiness. Finally, the wise Gustav Theodor Fechner wrote a book called "Nanna oder über das Seelenleben der Pflanzen", in which he sufficiently proves that the plant has a soul.

What provokes compassion to us, the Gnostics, is the fact that only now the ‘scientists’ affirm, as a very new thesis, this matter of the plants’ soul, while the Gnosticism knows it since the beginning of the world, and every humble indigenous in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Columbia) also knows it.

When man returns to his ‘Mother’ (Nature), she will give him bread, shelter and wisdom. She will give him what no politic leader could give; wisdom, bread and shelter. Now all we have to do is return to the sublime cosmic mystic of the blessed mother of the world.

The time has come to pray in the temple of the Mother Goddess of the World, and we will do it with the same wisdom man has known in the ancient ‘Arcadia’, before he got closed in the urban life.

We will call this archaic medical wisdom ELEMENT THERAPY. This is the wisdom of the Gnostic doctors.

Samael Aun Weor - ‘Occult Medicine and Practical Magic’"


Element Therapy
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