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Eternal Gnostic Archetypes

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Written by Oscar Uzcategui   
Raphael – Saint George fighting the dragon

The concept of ‘Archetype’ was always a rigorous object of study of a part of the ‘perennial and universal philosophy’ (filosofia perennis et universalis), for the ones who saw in it one of the greatest mysteries inside which lays the answer to the innumerable questions asked about the spiritual and psychological life of the human beings.

Nevertheless, not only the philosophy undertook the incursion in the adventure of the Archetypes – science, also, through its remarkable mentors, tried, in a similar way, to eviscerate this tangled world which includes the ‘eternal and universal’ concepts, as the Archetypes are also called.

The religious forms, filled since their origins with endless metaphysical, esoteric or supernatural Archetypes, sustain themselves and last throughout the ages because inside them, in their own reason of being, they are based on the certainty that their truths are hidden in the Archetypal territory, and that from there is born the mystical vocation of deciphering the eternal truths transformed in theological mysteries by the one who studies them.

Artus Quellinus – Hermes Trismegistus with Mercury’s Caduceus

The symbology is the amphitheatre in which the Archetype expresses itself, regardless of the moment, the place, the movement that stimulates it and of its depositaries.

It is an incontestable fact that the symbol is a science for the way through which, for centuries, the cosmic Archetypes expressed themselves, reaching with great success to man’s spiritual structure, encouraging him to search his true identity or reality which is inherent inside the existence.

This is the reason for which none of the ancestral civilizations didn’t escape the charm and the magic exerted by the manifestations of the Archetypes in the Royal Art, because this legitimate artistic experience revealed, and continues to reveal, a knowledge beyond the simple rational analysis which is connected to the ways of thinking and human feeling. Where words cannot reach, the Royal Art starts the eloquent discourse on the Absolute Truths regarding the life of people and the primordial destiny of the human creature.

The psychic of the human species was the one in which, since a long time ago, an endless series of phenomena (physical or extra-physical) was imprinted, which, in one way or another, tried to evangel man’s Conscience in a constant work of finding substantial, objective, profound and also trustworthy answers on the mystery coming from ‘to be’ and the chain of events that follow.

This interrelation: PEOPLE + SYMBOLS or SIGNS, created since the most ancient times a communication between the human body and its infinite intimacy, trying to decipher the language of Nature and Cosmos to which it belongs. There are many treaty authors who see in this ancient interrelation the emergence of ideological, metaphysical and paired systems, rituals know today as RELIGION or RELIGIONS.

Mutus Liber (Cartea Mută) – Planşa a III-a – Dumnezeu şi Creaţia Sa

Inside every man, there is, talking from a Gnostic point of view, a primordial, initial and original energy, philosophically qualified as ‘SUPERLATIVE INTELLIGENCE’ and called in ontological terms ‘THE BEING’. This BEING or perpetual reality communicates and participates with the divine and knows, given its omniscient quality, the human and, as a result, the infrahuman or the chaotic. This impersonal, energetic and unrevealed entity knew through its human vehicle of expression, according to the great preceptors of humanity, the entire upper cosmos, and also, wants to know the cosmos below; this is the motive of the pilgrimage that this energy achieves and the fundamental reason for which many theologians said that:


This marathon that made the human race, since its origins, search for the key that opens the access gate to the hall of maximal conclusions as answers to the questions where do we come from, why do we exist, where are we going…, determined the scientists, the poets, the artists, the mystics and the philosophers to think a thousand times about the Great Truth, that, without being able to be described in words, was integrated in symbolical Archetypes.

The text is an extract of the work ‘Eternal Gnostic Archetypes’, written by Oscar Uzcategui Q.

Eternal Gnostic Archetypes
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