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Even if Christ would be born a thousand times in Bethlehem, it is of no use at all if he is not born in our heart too
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Why is Easter a moveable feast?

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The Cosmic Drama and The Celestial Mechanics

Easter is profoundly significant. Remember the THRE and the SEVEN STEPS in Masonry: The Christ must burn, first of all, in our human body; later The Flame must settle itself in the depth of The Soul and finally in the depth of The Spirit. Without doubt, Easter has very deep esoteric roots, because the initiate must work upon the Lunar Forces and upon the Forces of Mercury, and with the Forces of Venus and of the Sun, and of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The Cosmic Drama develops in SEVEN REGIONS and in accordance with THE SEVEN PLANETS of the solar system.

Samael Aun Weor
“The Cosmic Christ and Easter” Conference

The Cosmic Christ and The Holy Week

The establishing of THE BIRTH of Christ and the variable of His DEATH have, in esoterism, a profound meaning.

As part of a discussion group on Astrology, in the “Controversed” program of the WAPA TV Station in the “Isle of Enchantment” (Puerto Rico), a person in the audience made an imprecation to an astrologer who was accompanying us, and in general to all the guests, saying that all that she said about the Zodiac Signs, The Horoscope etc., were diabolic things of witchcraft or sorcery, and that all these were condemned by the Bible.

Without moving and with an obvious smile on the lips, the astrologer, in a Socratic manner, asked the young man, who made the unfortunate statement: - “Do you know why Easter is celebrated on different days?”...

A cold silence fell on the set, and especially on the objector who could not manage to answer, and just a stuttering “I don’t know” came out of his lips...

Then, the astrologer said to him: “I will answer to you: it is due to a matter of Celestial Mechanics. It has to do with the entry in Spring and the first full moon, and the only diabolic things, of witchcraft and fanatical, are the ones that are made by those who put these foolish ideas in your head, that those who dedicate ourselves to the study of the movement of the stars and their influences are devils or sorcerers; The Church being the first that relies on the Celestial Mechanics to calculate the Easter Holiday, the Monthly Calendar and the entry in Spring”.

Well, at the end everyone expressed their opinion and of course, the debate started...

Certainly, if Christmas is celebrated every year on 25th of December, Kings’ Day on 6th of January, Saints’ Day on 1st of November, why is Easter a moveable date?


The answer to this question the astrologer from our story already gave it partially: Easter is celebrated on the First Full Moon of the Spring...

ÎIn accordance with the Celestial Mechanics this is like so: The Entry in Spring is defined by the date of 21st (Spring Equinox, the day in which the night is equal with the day time), and in accordance with the same mechanics, at the end of the year, are about 13 lunations, which cannot repeat being the year divided into 12 months. Therefore, following the Monthly Calendar, we notice that the full moon of March can be a little before 21st, than the Easter will be in the middle or at the end of April; if it falls in early March, it will be the next full moon, meaning at the beginning of April or even at the end of March, as it happened in 1997.

Let us think now why, when all of these were agreed at the Council of Nicaea (325 A. D.), apparently, was transformed a purely astronomical issue, meaning related with the stellar journey of the Earth within its orbit, into a religious issue, establishing The Easter Sunday as the following Sunday, after the first Full Moon in Spring.

In this sense, we said in the previous articles related to this subject and to the topic of Christmas, due to the fact that the flourishing Christianism dresses with the Living Religious Principles of the decadent Paganism, precisely because of not losing these principles, the festivals that were celebrated in the commemoration of the solar and celestial, or terrestrial events, and sometimes also from the Christic Drama of the Sun Child, represented in the stellar movements, have continued to be celebrated in the New Religion as well, not just, as it’s sometimes believed, as a simple strategy to gain adepts, but because through the tradition the Occult Wisdom is preserved. Neither now nor in the past, have these dates been randomly chosen, isolated or random events, on the contrary, they represent the most profound structures and relationships between man and Cosmos, so that these, just like the Birth of The Lord, The Kings and Easter itself etc., come to consecrate as a Cosmic, Solar and Human event.

On the other hand, although “the Christian era” (our calendar) was not proposed util the year 532, Dionysius Exiguus established the birth of Jesus of Nazareth on 25th of December, year 753 of the Romans (for some 750), this fact is not accidental. Primarily, because Jesus, The Great Kabir, like the V. M. Samael Aun Weor tells us, was not born in December but in March (he was Pisces) and because, as already noted, pagan festivities related to the Winter Solstice and the birth of The Child Sun, are celebrated in these days by great fires on the mountaintops.

Similarly, Easter coincides with the holidays celebrated in Antiquity in honor of the Four Elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire) and Fertility which, were carried out during the Spring Equinox (21st of March). It is in this Equinoctial Cross where the Solar Force of the star that lights on us must crucify, for the fruits to ripen, for the grains to bear fruit. It is in this Cross of Elements where the Force of the Solar Logos (The Inner Christ within us) must crucify for the seed to mature and to accomplish the Son of Man, reconquering His old Solar Race, celebrating thus His own Inner Easter.


2008 23rd of March
2009 12th of April
2010 4th of April
2011 24th of April
2012 8th of April
2013 31st of March
2014 20th of April
2015 5th of April
2016 27th of March
2017 16th of April
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