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Even if Christ would be born a thousand times in Bethlehem, it is of no use at all if he is not born in our heart too

Understanding Death

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Written by Samael Aun Weor   
Saint Jerome-Durer-Understanding Death

It is urgent to profoundly understand and in all the plans of the mind, what Death really is, in itself, because only this way we can really understand, completely, what Immortality is.

To see the body of a loved human being put in a coffin doesn’t mean that you understood the Mystery of Death.

Truth is the unknown from moment to moment. The truth on death cannot be an exception.

The ego always wants, as it is almost natural, an assurance on death, an additional guarantee, an authority to take charge on assuring us a good position and some kind of immortality, beyond the frightening grave.

The ego itself doesn’t want to die. The ego wants to continue. The ego feels a lot of Fear of Death.

Truth is not a question of believing or doubting. Truth has nothing to do with faith or skepticism. Truth is not a matter of ideas, theories, opinions, concepts, pre-concepts, suppositions, judgments, affirmations, negotiations etc. Truth on the Mystery of Death is not an exception.

The truth about the Mystery of Death can be known through Direct Experience.

It is impossible to communicate the real experience of Death to the one who doesn’t know it.

Any poet can write beautiful books about Love, but it is impossible for him to communicate the Truth about Love to the persons who never experienced it. It is also impossible to communicate the truth about death to the persons who haven’t lived death.

Who wants to know the Truth about Death, must research, experience, properly search, because this is the only way we can discover the profound meaning of Life.

Theseus and the Minotaur (Truth about Death)

The many years of observation and experience allowed us to understand that people are not interested to really understand the profound meaning of Death; the only thing that interests people is to continue beyond and that is all.

Many persons want to continue through material things, prestige, family, beliefs, children etc., and when they understand that any type of Psychological continuation is in vain, passing, ephemeral, unstable, feeling then with no guarantees, uncertain, they get frightened, they get terrified, they get filled with infinite terror./p>

Poor people don’t want to understand, don’t wish to understand that everything that continues goes in Time.

Poor people don’t want to understand that everything that continues decays in Time.

Poor people don’t want to understand that everything that continues becomes mechanic, routine, boring.

It is urgent, it is necessary, it is essential to become completely aware of the profound meaning of death; only like this fear of ceasing to exist disappears.

Attentively observing humanity, we can verify the fact that the mind finds itself always bottled in the known and wishes for this which is the known to continue beyond the grave.

The mind trapped in the known, will never experience the Unknown, the Real, the Truth.

Only by breaking the bottle of Time through Correct Meditation, we can experience the ETERNAL, the TIMELESS, and the REAL.

Those who wish to continue fear Death and their beliefs and theories serve only as a narcotic.

Death in itself has nothing scary: it is something beautiful, sublime, ineffable, but the Mind bottled in the known moves only inside the vicious circle that goes from trust to skepticism.

When we really become fully aware of the deep and profound meaning of death, we discover through ourselves, through direct experience that Life and Death are a whole.

Death is Life’s warehouse. The Path of Life is formed of the traces of hooves of Death’s horse.

Life is determined and determining Energy. From birth until death different types of energy run through the interior of the human body.

The Angel and the Ray of Death

The only type of energy to which the human body cannot resist is the RAY OF DEATH. This ray has a too high electrical voltage. The human body cannot resist to such a voltage.

Like a lightening can cut a tree in half, the Ray of Death, at its passing through the human body can inevitably destroy it.

The Ray of Death stirs up very intimate electrical tensions and a certain key note, which has the decisive power to combine the genes inside the fertilized ovule.

The Ray of Death reduces the human body to its fundamental elements.

The Ego, the Energetic Ego unfortunately continues in our descendents.

What is called the ‘Truth about Death’, what is called the line between Death and Conception is what doesn’t belong to Time and what we can only experience through the Science of Meditation.

The teachers in schools, colleges and universities must teach students the path that leads to experiencing the Real and the Truth.

Samael Aun Weor, Chapter XXIX- Death, Fundamental Education

Understanding Death
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