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Even if Christ would be born a thousand times in Bethlehem, it is of no use at all if he is not born in our heart too

Casualty or Causality

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
Casualty - Consequences of Actions

‘Unexpected, incalculable successes, circumstances that cannot be anticipated, events that happen without having been planned, hazard, possibilities, coincidences or situations that are beyond our comprehension.’. Phrases like these ones are found in the dictionaries to define CASUALITY.

The life of the human being is filled with unknown mysteries from birth until death; everything that happens to someone during his lifetime, why does it happen for?

The geographical place of birth, someone’s the physical aspect, economical situations, accidents, marriage, etc., anyway, everything that happens to us, is it written before?

Causality - The Great Kabir Jesus

And if it is said that we are able to control our own life, why aren’t we able to choose our family, the zodiacal sign, the economical stability, the physical structure, the sex, the health and longevity, the nationality, the artistic and intellectual aptitudes, etc., under whose influence we find ourselves since birth, or everything that happens is random, hazardous?

Even though many people believe that they are able to control their lives, to organize them and that no one and nothing influences them; even though many think it is enough only to study, to make a career and to wait for luck to strike in order to reach wealth, achievement and happiness they end by asking themselves: why do they suffer, why do they get sick, why do they have problems, if they don’t want none of these? No matter what they think, everything happens without them being able to exercise their will.

We cannot either think that God is a Tyrant who awards the good and punishes the bad. The Divine Justice doesn’t use fury, or anger, but depends on the supreme LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT.

This Law exists like the Gravitation Law, the one of the planetary Influence, of the Evolution and Involution and there are many other laws that exist in Nature and influence us.

It is the same Law of Nemesis, of the existence, that is a great one.

The Law of Compensation and Equilibrium profoundly marks the road of our lives. That Action, that Cause, more consequences are the basis of this Law.

With the measure you judge, you will be judged, said the great Kabir Jesus.

This Law of Action and Consequence, like many other laws, are linked together in order to manifest, for example the LAW OF THE ETERNAL RETURN OF ALL THINGS. Everything returns to its original point; everything comes back like it happened before, cumulating the consequences on higher or lower spirals inside the Spiral of Life. So, now, we only pick up what we sowed in an anterior existence. That is why it is said in Chapter 1:9 of the Ecclesiast ‘What was before will be again and what happened before will happen again, because nothing is new under the Sun.’

Casualty or Causality
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