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The Bermuda Triangle in the Black Sea

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The Bermuda Triangle in the Black Sea

The first reports about this strange phenomenon

In the Black Sea, near the Snakes’ Island, at 45 kilometers north-west of Sulina, is found the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

Even if the area is known since the Middle Ages, very few people heard about this triangle, called of ‘death’, that ‘travels’ in the waters of the Black Sea. The Turkish made the first reports about this strange area, called by them ‘the Whirlpool of Death’. Several similar stories were recounting about surprising disappearances in the relatively quiet waters and during daytime! Some of the Russian stories from the XIII and the XIV century are also surprising, recounting about a ‘white whirlpool’ that dragged birds, ships and even little islands in the depths of the sea! The reports were made by people who were witnesses and who hardly saved themselves from these whirlpools.

Carefully studying this phenomenon the researchers reached to the conclusion that we are talking about a surface of about 8-10 kilometers – relatively triangular – in which a strange form of magnetism is manifested, very modified compared to the one detected as being ‘normal’. The Russian and Ukrainian researchers say that the magnetic fault in the mysterious mobile triangle in the Black Sea opens from a second to a couple of minutes. This magnetic anomaly slowly moves in the Black Sea’s area and, currently, the area moves towards the Romanian littoral, more precisely towards Sulina.

Various Disappearances

More complete data about other mysterious disappearances were highlighted after the dismembering of the former Soviet Union, because only then some very well guarded secrets came out to light. So, from the ultra-secret files of the red army we find out about the disappearance of the Tiolkovsloi battleship on the 31st of May 1944, in the south of Crimea (at 70 kilometers into the open sea), during daytime. Even though the weather was excellent, the captain of the neighboring ship tells that the battleship in cause was suddenly covered by a black fog with green sparkles, and after that… it simply disappeared from the radar screens. Only two months later, another disappearance: five military planes left in reconnaissance entered in the black fog with green sparkles, disappeared from the radar screens on which they were watched and never came back.

On the 5th of December 1945, 5 American bombers type Grumnan TBM-3 Avenger, were disappearing in the darkness of the Bermuda Triangle. A very strange thing, but extremely discussed at the time, was the disappearance of 5 Russian bombers, in the same day inside the Death Triangle near Crimea (at only 70 kilometers in the open sea).

The soviet research expedition that was started after the official announcement of the disappearance of the bombers didn’t manage to find any trace. Some sources say that the last transmissions of the planes reported about a dense fog from which the planes didn’t manage to get out… Exactly like in the reports of the American planes in the Bermuda Triangle. Being in a period of peace, at that time there was no enemy air base near by, that is why the Russian officers thought that it was an accident, but as a result there should have been at least some physical evidence.

Another mysterious disappearance happened more recently, in 1990, when a small Greek plane was disappearing at only 30-40 kilometers from the Romanian shore.

The area is known by the fishermen

The Bermuda Triangle in the Black Sea - Location

Romanian and Bulgarian fishermen from the coast area had been avoiding that region for a long time, because there were several legends and superstitions saying that there is a ‘cursed water’.

The Greek press in Athens was calling the attention that, being a particular plane, the pilot didn’t know the ‘deviated route’ that was signaled to the ‘official’ planes, but was underlining that it is necessary for the Romanian officials to clearly specify which are the coordinates of this form, in order to avoid other tragic disappearances.

Anyway their frequency is small, mainly because of the fact that it is a little frequented and usually avoided area. Anyway, Russian officials have another opinion, they allege that these magnetic anomalies have a troubling frequency (one every two days). And here is emitted the hypothesis that these anomalies could be gates towards parallel worlds, that only open sometimes.

UOne of the most surprising disappearances is the one that happened a couple of years ago, (in 1991) that of 80 people who were working on a Russian sea platform of oil extraction. The platform was linked through station from the base at the shore, with which a daily communication protocol was established. One day, without any S.O.S., the platform remained mute at all the attempts to establish contact.

A couple of hours later, the base announced the coast police, a military escadrille made a reconnaissance and the platform was found and recovered at 50 kilometers from the initial place, floating in drift, with no life trace on board and with no clue to solve the mystery of the technical crew’s disappearance.

The platform looked as if the 80 people had left it in a hurry, without taking any luggage, clothes or personal things, without clearing away or cleaning, for example, the tables where they were eating on!...

Currently, the Ukrainian army carefully studies this magnetic fault that slowly moves, from their area, towards the Romanian territorial waters...Then, its study and the responsibilities that come from these studies will be transferred to the Romanian officials...

Black Sea

Article taken from the MYSTERIES MAGAZINE nr.12

The Bermuda Triangle in the Black Sea
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