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The Palette of Narmer-Part II

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Written by Editor VOPUS   
The Palette of Narmer

Continuing the analysis of The Palette of Narmer from the point of view of the Gnostic Anthropology, we will pass now to reveal the mysteries contained in the posterior part of the referred piece.

In the inferior part we see the initiate and the serrated wheel; which is nothing else but The Wheel of Samsara, a symbol of the cycles of Evolution and Involution; it indicates also the periods of baking of the Raw Material in the Furnace or the Horn of Alchemy, whose symbol is seen in the center.

The bull which stomps the Initiate is the Bellowing Beast, the Ego, against which he must fight to get out victorious and to be able to fulfill, step by step, the symbolism of the middle part of the Palette.

In the middle part we see two lions whose necks elongate and interweave forming the mystical and sacred symbol of the Caduceus of Mercury; but this is not done by chance or by simple evolutionary mechanics, but as the two conductors of The Two types of Mercury (Male and Female, Red and White, Moon and Sun, Forces of Od and Ob) well indicate, these forces must be led, handled and dominated wisely in order to be lifted from bottom-up and inwards, to our most profound hidings, to the Being.

In the superior section, to the right, we see ten beheaded, meaning the fact that the Ten Sephiroths of Kabbalah, meaning the ten Superior and Self-Conscious parts of the Being had been Perfected; in addition, these ten beheaded summed to the two birds and the boat (The Three Primal forces, The Father, The Son and The Holly Spirit) which are above them, give us the number 13, which represents The Resurrection. “If the seed does not die, the plant is not born”, says the mystical maxim, therefore without “Beheading” there is no “Resurrection”.

On the other hand, this number 13 reminds us of the 13 Aeons of the Gnostic Pleroma; The Twelve Works of Hercules and the culmination; The Twelve Hours of Apollonius and The Thirteenth Hour; The Zodiac and The Sun.

Immediately to the left of the beheaded ones we see four banners carriers and each of the flags with a zoomorphic particular symbol. These are the Four Existential Bodies of the Being. From right to left we have: an eagle on a head and a crocodile skin, The Causal Body; a falcon on the head and crocodile skin, The Mental Body; a sphinx on a cobra, Astral and finally a cynocephalic monkey, The Physical One.

Next we see a little man who touches his right shoulder and above him the Egyptian letters “T” and “TH”, The Cross and The Divine Breath.

POn the front part, The Initiate wears the mitre of The Upper Egypt; on this front, he wears the one ofThe Lower Egypt and, additionally, the staff and the whip, symbols of the Power, the Majesty, the Domination and the Force of Mastery. In front of him The Cuttlefish and The Chisel united (the reconciled Opposites).

Behind him, the little man, as I already said, confirms the work done and accompanies him the Star of the Aurora, Venus and also a compass to indicate the fact that he already took the measure and that he obtained “The Quadrature of the Circle”.

I am the God of Fire sprang from The Divine Fire. Just as the head of Osiris was not cut thus my head, after slaughters will be returned to me... Being young once more, renewing me, I keep my multiple Being integral for I am Osiris, Lord of Eternity-"The Book of the Dead"

Oscar Uzcategui - "The Gnostic Egypt;

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The Palette of Narmer , Oscar Uzcategui
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