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Atlas or Atlanteotl

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Gnostic Antropology - Atlas

We must know that the whole gnostic system contains Hellenistic, Oriental-Persian, Palestinian, Egyptian and Indian elements and we should not ignore the perceivable gnostic principles of the Nahua, Toltec, Aztec, Maya and Inca religious cults.

The similarities of ancient cultures invite us to a deeper comprehension of the proximity between these civilizations at all levels: symbolic, artistic, linguistic, etc...

For example, we meet ATLAS in Greek mythology. He is the son of the titan Iapetus and the nymph Clymene, brother of Prometheus. Atlas fought with the Titans against the Olympic gods. As punishment for that, he was condemned to endure forever the Earth and the Heavens on his back.

The figure of Atlas carrying the weight of the Earth has been used on the covers of the first collections of maps, and subsequently, this day, any volume of maps is bearing his name, Atlas.

Atlante, Atlas plural form, is a classical term used in the contemporary architecture to define the carved form of a man which, used as a column, supports an upper structure.

If we examine, for example, the linguistic similarity of the word "Atlas", we notice that it very much resembles "Atlantis". For a better understanding, we can divide the term "Atlantis" as follows: ATL-ANTIS; in Nahuatl language, ATL means WATER, and we know that today Atlantis is submerged under water.

Gnostic Antropology - Atlanteotl

The figure of ATLANTEOTL is shown in Codex Borgia. Thus, amid the great Maya civilization, Atlanteotl holds the heavenly waters on his shoulders like Atlas of the Greeks, which we are accustomed to prioritize as a symbol. We can see that both the image and name (Atlas and Atlanteotl) display strong similarity: the word "Atlanteotl" we can divide in ATL, which means waters, and TEOTL which means God. This concludes that the two representations are one and the same symbol: both bear the Waters or the World, and here these emblems indicate two things. First, the geological transformations suffered by the Earth's crust after the Universal Deluge, when the poles were converted to Equator and the Equator into poles; the Atlantean continent submerged as a consequence of these geological changes. Secondly, it suggests the Work with Waters through the alchemical practice, the result of transmuting Water or essential liquids. It is thus apparent that both have sustained the World or the Waters, representing the Hermetic triumph.

The extraordinary linguistic and symbolic resemblances can be explained only because of the common Atlantean trunk of American and the Mediterranean-Semitic nations. With these words we wish to point out that ancient civilizations in Mexico, Egypt, Persia, Greece, China, etc., are connected in a unitary transcendental harmony. All these civilizations state the same teachings, the only difference being the idiom and representation, but the background, the objective content, is the same.

Gnostic Antropology - Florence
Gnostic Antropology

Gnostic Antropology: Atlas or Atlanteotl?

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