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The Purpose of Gnosis

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Written by Óscar Uzcategui   

The Objective of Gnosis (or science of revelatory self-knowledge) is not something based rests on insubstantial chimeras or dogmatic heresies, as the attendants of the religious dogmatism of all time supposed to understand. On the contrary, Gnosis has been, is and will always be the SUMMUM OF ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE, which has allowed to all philosophical, mystical or religious forms to enter into the realm of absolute truths and, thus, to offer to the humanity a path to follow, to approach the reign of immutable truth...

Certainly, as V.M. Samael Aun Weor explained very well, the truth is 'the unknown from moment to moment and thus it rests in the profound intimacy of every human being'.

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'The TRUTH, understood as such, could never be enclosed in a book or pronounced in a speech, everyone should evoke, create and develop it'...And therefore only through a superhuman effort, those who persevere in their search may, one day, incarnate and, thus, crystallize within themselves, the mystery of the INCARNATION OF THE BEING.

To crystallize the BEING of the secret philosophy is not a matter of concepts or ideological views. It is, therefore, a voluntarily assumed discipline, practiced incessantly until the final achievement, after several physical, ethical or spiritual efforts, feel and experience in our psycho-biological continent the tremendous realism that conforms to our divine spirit.

To obtain something is necessary to know the methodology that bring us to that purpose and, trying to get that which is the origin of our existence, that which is beyond time and relativity (with all its variations), it is obvious that we need a solid guide capable of guaranteeing the final triumph as a reward for our unwavering struggle.

Needless to say, our goal is not to redefine the Gnosis, as it, in itself, is SELF-SUFFICIENT, AUTODIDACTICAL and AUTO-COGNITIVE. From there emerges the idea that 'Gnosis belongs to each individual sacred intimacy'. We just want to point out, in front of the public solemn verdict of the public consciousness, those parameters that identify, philosophical and metaphysical, the positions that Gnosticism of all times has held within the doctrinal framework.

Much is being said nowadays about the world of sects or pseudo religions that today constitute an ideological labyrinth. Everywhere, voices are being raised against many doctrines that, offering a paradise on earth, only throw the man into a hell of constant confusion that invariably leads to the most terrible skepticism and to moral and spiritual disappointment.

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Some wise philosophers have said: 'Gnosis always appears in the crucial moments in which the humanity feels deprived of its divine principles and then gives the man a new vision of the reason for their existence and of creation itself'. Gnosis lives in facts and shrivels in the subjective abstractions of intellectualism. Gnosis scientifically reveals all that is enclosed in the various treaties emanated from those men or women in the world that have known the BEING.

The Hebrew Talmud, the Christian Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Dhammapada, the Book of Changes, the Koran, and so on, etc., etc., are all most sacred works that have been revealed by the BEING to those few who have dared to 'renounce everything in order to find everything'.

These few, beyond doubt, have been able to interpret the sacred doctrines because they have stopped being bottled in the speculative rationalism, fleeing away, in every moment, from the literal interpretations that only produce harrowing fanaticism that madden the masses. We, the Gnostics, despise the letter that kills and seek the spirit that brings life. To understand the eternal truths we must strip ourselves of all kinds of social prejudices, of dogmatic traditions and fears of all kinds and then, to be able to experience the harsh reality that which is divine...

That which we call in the religious jargon as GOD (the creator) and MAN (as creation) constitutes an indissoluble binom that, unfortunately, was broken when the latter forgot the first and fell into the worship of himself and the material forms that determine its permanent sleep.

Gnosis always invited us to wake up and that is why it is so insistent on the necessity to activate all the psychological and biological mechanisms of which we were endowed from the dawn of creation, so, one day, to open our eyes and witness the majesty that surrounds the Father of all things...

Let's say, to conclude this introduction, 'GOD HAS NO PREFERRED SONS, BUT SONS WHICH PREFER HIM'.

The Christian Revelation emphasizes: 'From the time of the prophets, the sky is taken by assault, and only the brave have taken it'.

„Modice fidei quare dubitasti?”
(Man of little faith, why did you doubt?)

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