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VM Samael Aun Weor: Гнозис в России - VOPUS
Гнозис – это пламя, в котором родились все религии, школы и вероучения. Гнозис – это Мудрость и Любовь.

Самаэль Аун Веор, Отец Гностической Антропологии

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Samael Aun Weor

Samael Aun Weor  was a philosopher, anthropologist, esotericist, sociologist, physician, finally, just a prolific writer and a born researcher. He devoted his life to comprehend the great truths that have left humanity ancient civilizations through philosophy, religion, art and science. His goal in life was to know and convey to modern humanity the secrets of nature, the cosmos and man, as part of it.

Samael was born March 6, 1917 in Colombia, in Bogotá, under the name of Victor Manuel Gomez Rodriguez.

Since childhood, it exhibits a strong emotional outbursts, every day he acquired metaphysical transcendental spiritual experiences such as that guided his life on intensive internal search. Brought up in the spirit of the official religion of his people, he had an interest and respect to all the mystical.

His first study of transcendental aspects of human existence begins in early adolescence, when he begins to explore various esoteric teachings of the era. 

In 12 years, Samael leaving school to find practical knowledge and plunges into the sphere of spiritualism, studying the works on metaphysics. 

Later, he is interested in the teachings of Theosophy, and the practice of Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga. 

In 17 years, begins to lecture at the Theosophical Society.

At 18 Samael takes Gnostic schools of Ancient Rosicrucian based Dr. Arnold Krumm Heller (revered teacher Huiracocha). In the works of Arnoldo Krumm-Heller he draws amazing and profound knowledge, as well as in the books of Franz Hartmann, Eliphas Levi, Rudolf Steiner, Max Heindel. In the words of Samael, while he learned a whole library of Rosicrucianism. However, this was only the beginning of his pilgrimage to wisdom.

In the end, he realizes that all schools are filled with intellectualism, and decides to check it out in practice. Therefore, all that he claimed in the books written by him during his lifetime, was confirmed in practice. Tired of difficult and boring theories, he decides to retire in the lap of nature (on the Caribbean coast), in order to devote all his time to the practice of meditation and finding his inner Father / Creatures / Masters / Atman. As a result, he is able to experience three times that in the East is called "vacuum of Enlightenment." This leaves in his mind and heart a deep impression and encourages the search for information about a secret path in the inner being.

He is firmly joined to the esoteric path "Higher Mysteries." By the time he became a true Initiate, which started its activities in the proclamation of the deepest secrets of universal spirituality.

In 1950, he received orders from the inner worlds form the Gnostic Movement. Since that time, he has a small group of students, most of whom were very simple people. Teacher gives himself completely Samael intensive esoteric discipline, meditation, anthropology, psychoanalyst and so he gets the keys to the practical revival of spirituality in man, who had so long been hidden from the people. In the future he intends to publicly give humanity these mysteries.   

In 1955, the Master leaves the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in South America, where many treated and cured, using the properties of plants, wrote books and taught. Together with his family, he goes to the north. And after long wanderings settles finally in 1956 in Mexico. 

As a result of persistent efforts, and despite the difficulties, the Gnostic Movement is starting to develop, not only in Mexico but throughout Central and South America.

Since 1970, the Master puts the maximum effort to promote the Gnostic Movement, while making many trips to different states of Mexico. 

Many times he did make suggestions to their works and register copyrights on them, but he flatly refused. Why? Because he wanted his books freely published in all languages ​​and are available at a price of any category of readers.  

In these years, Samael forms Gnostic centers in many cities, prepares the set of instructors, appears on television. The doctrine is spreading rapidly across the continent, and soon covers the United States, Canada, and then to Europe.

December 24, 1977 at age 60 P.M. Samael Aun Weor has left this world, but his books continue to read on all continents, as more and more people are finding in his teachings is the perfect tool for personal transformation, for a radical change of life for the better.

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