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E.M. Samael Aun Weor: Gnosis, Psychologie, Esoterie, Alchemie, Kabbalah
‪Liefhebben, hoe mooi is het om lief te hebben! Alleen grootse zielen kunnen liefhebben en weten hoe lief te hebben
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BARBELO Magazine, No. 3

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BARBELO, Gnostic Science for the III Millennium


  • Venus-Lucifer
  • Sex destroys or liberates you, YOU DECIDE
  • The Mysteries of Serapis
  • Peace, the Dream of Humanity
  • The Vice of LYING
  • El Enigma of Christ; according to the gnostic gospels of Nag Hammadi
  • The most powerful Prayer
  • Do we return after Death?
  • Christ, the Fire of God

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